Zombie Exodus Part 3: Fuel Mission Walkthrough

Fuel Mission

The hardest mission so far in the game is finally here! Playing as a soldier makes this mission easier, but this walkthrough shows the steps for a scientist or other “civilian” player. The mission is timed, so you must play aggressively and not waste time.

At the start of the chapter, you are provided several screens describing the reason for the mission and some tips for how to equip yourself. This leads you to the supply room where you choose equipment and weapons for the mission. The choices should be obvious but here is the list for success:

  • MP5 submachine gun
  • Night vision goggles
  • Combat knife
  • Cavalry sword

The last item is interchangeable with any other weapon, as you are allowed to go over weight limit for the last picked item. Don’t worry about taking a flashlight as Carl will give you one in the next section as you travel by boat to the first vessel.

Inside the vessel, your first stop is the below-deck control room. It is best to use night vision goggles here. We’ll use our NVGs sparingly in the early part of the mission, but for now, it’s best to wear them as it frees up your hands.

Inside the room, you do not need to “Check the intercom.” Doing so now will not have any impact but is simply there to foreshadow a conversation you will have later, You do want to “Search the room thoroughly” to make the conversation with the lone survivor aboard go smoother (work on him later). When you search the room, you will find a plastic-covered manual and a business card for Richard Laurent. Take them using the option – “Take the manual and business card.”

From this point, it is easier as a scientist or civilian to go to the nearby boiler room, as several simply paths will help you get by your first encounter with a pair of zombies. Choose, “Go through the narrow passage.” Once inside, “Investigate the boiler room.” Two zombie workers enter: a rugged cowboy and taller soot-covered zombie. Fighting them head on is not possible, so you want to “Hide from the pair and wait for an opportunity to head to the control room.” Your first inclination now is to wait for them to pass you, then sneak out through the entrance. But it is best to deal with them now, or they will show up later in the mission at an extremely inopportune moment.

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8 Responses to Zombie Exodus Part 3: Fuel Mission Walkthrough

  1. TheerwO_o says:

    I seem to have run into a bug:
    As a scientist (str 10, dex 10, int 25, tech 20, will 20, char 25), equipped with a SMG, Combat Knife, NVG, Multitool & Flashlight (didn’t know you get one anyway), I killed the two zombies in the boiler room, but after trapping the female one in a room those two mysteriously appear again and charge/kill me.

    Any thoughts?

    • TheerwO_o says:

      Just to clarify: I didn’t hide from them in the boilder room, climbed the ladder and shot those two zombies, I killed them using an object around me and a tank from the ceiling.
      This is especially frustrating since dying two times at the same spot apparently forces you to start all over again (beginning of part III, which is a hell of a long way back).
      Hopefully this can be resolved since this has been a wonderful game for me so far.

  2. Yermogi says:

    I have a problem during the fuel mission. I’m playing a female carpenter with 20 strength, 20 dexterity, 20 intelligence, 25 technical, 10 will, and 15 charisma. Everything goes smoothly until I explore the boiler room. I can hide from the zombies, but there is no option to get on a catwalk or kill the cowboy. All I can do is “stay quiet and still”, which makes me encounter the zombies later and die, or I can ready a weapon, which STILL leads to me dying. I’ve played through this as a scientist and a soldier, and this problem has never come up before. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    • jimd says:

      I tried this scene with your character, and yes, it requires adjustment. I will update the game soon to fix the fight with the two zombies if they are not killed earlier. As a soldier, you can kill them if dexterity is 30 though.

  3. HolyWolf23 says:

    I like how it states this to be the hardest mission so far. It’s the hardest mission in the game, period.

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