Zombie Exodus Part III Walkthrough

Here is a mission-by-mission walkthrough for Part III. It does not cover scenes between missions which are mostly informative, provide character development opportunities, and social interaction with other survivors.

This walkthrough uses the following character profile:

name Mark
surname Miller
profession Scientist

strength 10
dexterity 10
intelligence 30
technical 20
will 20
charisma 10

Click on the link to the specific mission:

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3 Responses to Zombie Exodus Part III Walkthrough

  1. K says:

    Do you know when part 4 is coming out? It’s such a good game

  2. jimd says:

    Most likely in September, 2012.

  3. tfahy96 says:

    why doesn’t part three work i finish the fuel run on part two and it says part 3 is now available but i cant play it?

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