Zombie Exodus Part 4 Live!

Zombie Exodus Part IV: Survival is now available to download on iOSAndroid, and the Chrome Web Store for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Part IV continues the story as resources dwindle, relationships pit survivors against one another, the bandit threat grows, and the rise in the zombie population threatens survival.

To play Part IV, you will need to update to the latest version of Zombie Exodus (version 2.0.0); you can purchase it as an in-app purchase at the end of Part III or at the very start of the game.

If you choose to play through a Web browser, you can download Google Chrome and purchase Zombie Exodus through the Chrome Web Store for $2.99.

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21 Responses to Zombie Exodus Part 4 Live!

  1. coty says:

    anyway to play free

  2. Dmitriy says:

    I can not buy the game in google chrome (does not display the price (((sorry for my English)

  3. lovely1 says:

    Hey I noticed a bug where even if you exile the hippie couple from the cathedral, it mentions them during the final fight against the bandits later on as having died during the fight. Especially when Heather and your character find them dead before the fight even happens.

  4. Annie says:

    When will this be available in the uk? I don’t think I can stand to wait much longer.

  5. Vance says:

    Sigh. I really wish this available through Amazon. I’d gladly pay for it if I could play it on my Kindle.

  6. Rick says:

    Dammit, it’s been long since I played Part III and I started to miss it and wondered about Part IV, then noticed Part IV was out and immediately wanted to buy it. Now I went on Google Chrome Web Store but… it displays the price in my country’s currency but it’s not a clickable option.

    Not sure if something wrong or just that it’s not available in my country.

    If it’s the 2nd, then please work on making it available for Argentina, South America :D.

  7. Toby says:

    Hi, I had problems with a bug on the fuel run mission, playing on the iOS phone app as a scientist character. I killed the cowboy and soot zombie in the boiler room, but then they reappear just after Ramirez, and as a scientist I pretty much can’t fight them. Also, when I tried to pray I died and instead of returning me to last checkpoint, it sent me way back to the very start of arriving at the cathedral. Which was annoying.

  8. Ark says:

    I seem to have a problem loading my game. The password recognizes my stats but I cannot go to the story itself after seeing my stats

  9. Danny says:

    will it be free in a near future?

    • jimd says:

      Probably not. The amount of effort going in to creating the new content is considerable and has costs involved. We try to keep costs down and feel $1 is fair.

      • Danny says:

        I agree, a buck is fair, and i understand u gotta make a profit from this. But some of us dont have credit cards or cant afford one. So could u do something like making it free in a period of time like a couple of months or making the latest chapter paid untill next one is available. Fixing it somehow so guys like me who just finished part 3 and cant afford part 4 can keep on reading somehow. At least if it’s in some months. Dont stop writing ur great! And pls try considering it.

  10. Wilson says:

    I find something extremely confusing. What are the chapters and can you explain them to me? I played on my phone until the part where you go onto the ship, but it doesn’t allow me further because I have purchase it. (I played it on choiceofgames.) Also which chapter must be bought?

    • jimd says:

      In Part 3, you arrive at the Cathedral, and it ends after the fuel mission.Part 4 and Part 5 each must be purchased for 99 cents, though my publisher is raising the price to 1.99 on December 20.

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