Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Searching for Food in the Old Pine Woods with Heather

This mission is especially useful for players in a romantic relationship with Heather, as it provides bonuses to the relationship score and her interactions change to reflect the relationship. With dialogue options, being playful and letting her take the lead provides increases to relationship score while answering sarcastically or being controlling decreases the score.

There is no fighting on this mission, so take whatever gear you want. The challenge of this mission is more moral based than survival based.

In the first part of this mission, you and Heather find the slain bodies of River and Starr if they were not allowed to join the Cathedral. This shows at least one effect of an earlier choice – you can assume that rejecting the couple’s request to join your group contributed to their deaths. Next, you are presented several options for dealing with the bodies of the fallen hippies.

  • We should move on – this raises relationship with Heather
  • We should examine them – a neutral option
  • We should bury them – increases humanity, and if you are a minister, this option allows you to give the couple Last Rites, which has no effect other than roleplaying experience

The next segment is a conversation with Heather in which you can increase your relationship score or lower it if you piss her off with certain questions. During this conversation, you have the option to discuss Carl leaving the Cathedral. If you did not help Carl escape, Heather lets you know that she did. Your reaction to this affects your relationship score with her. If you helped Carl escape, you have the option to tell her about it, which raises your relationship with her.

This conversation is another opportunity to discuss your relationship and either improve it or end it.

After the conversation, your journey takes you to a semi-hidden camp, and though it is vacant, signs point to at least an adult and child living there recently. This scenario is more about moral decisions than picking the correct choices. Stealing the supplies in the camp lowers humanity, while also raising your relationship score with Heather. The reverse is also true. If you take the camp’s supplies, you will also find a diary; a new option will be available during next week’s options to read the diary and learn more about the camp’s occupants.

After moving out of the camp, you are met by a German Shepard which attempts to follow you. Allowing the dog, Toby, adds a valuable companion to the group. Toby may even aid you in the bandit fight at the end of Part IV.

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15 Responses to Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Searching for Food in the Old Pine Woods with Heather

  1. Tim Sensat Jr says:

    Just one thing I have to say as a person that never reads a book.. This is the utmost best game and reader to date that I have ever read the only thing I hate is waiting for the next chapter to come out.. I hope this chapter is longer and contains just as much fun as the others I strongly would suggest in maybe being able to bring Heather along with you and Emma as it would give you a companion in rough times since Emma has medical problems and would seem as though she would go psycho after not having her meds lol. Anyways part IV hooked me in again just like all the others and your doing a really awesome job with the story. Thanks for creating such an epic choice book.

  2. Nithin says:

    Um i saved the password but where do i use the password but?

  3. knots says:

    is there a way to save candace?

  4. Bloomy says:

    Hey there

    I’m just doing another play though of part 4 to get ready for part 5 on my ipod
    When it comes to choosing what missions to do, I’m stuck between four and wondered what your opinion on them is.
    I want Delvin and Eugene to come back with us as well as continuing my romantic interests with Mindy
    I think having the two extra survivors form the camp will be good but yet to get them.
    I like the fact that you can get the dog on your team but he hasn’t had much of an impact on the story yet
    And I believe seeing Cassie to be an important storyline for later on and well as getting the broach, pistol crossbow and finding that secret place.
    I’m not to bothered about river and starr’s items.

    Which three do you recommend I do? In terms of storyline and impact on part 5

    P.S I have played through the game four parts many times, it is always fun to do. I look forward to part five

    • jimd says:

      Devlin and Eugene are a must like you said. I really like Crone and Kelly (from the camp) too, and they add dimension to the story. I’d probably visit the tomb with Emma as well. That will set you up nicely for Part 5.

      • Bloomy says:

        But does the dog have much of an impact? Or will he just a little thing to have?

        • jimd says:

          Toby does have an impact. He attacks zombies and helps defend you, though mostly he is just an accessory.

          • Bloomy says:

            Thank you
            Just two more questions and I promise I’ll stop bugging you 😛

            If there a way to save Starr or does she have to die?
            Does that cheque you get from the hanging man in the first chapter ever get used? Or did I just miss that part?

          • jimd says:

            No worries… ask away 🙂

            1. No way to save her.
            2. Yes, the cheque comes back in an odd way.

  5. jPaul22 says:

    That happend to me too when Mindy asked me to choose i said i cant choose cause i have feelings for both ofthen then mindy says heather and my character should stay together. Then i went back to the farmacy, then i look in my status and it still says both girls are my girlfriends, even thought my character stayed with heather, plz fix this bug

  6. jPaul22 says:

    jeez i did a lot of typos there *Pharmacy* *both of them*

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