New Part IV scene available for testing

The new Scientist-only scene, Researching a Cure, is available for testing. Please feel free to leave a comment with feedback here.


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  1. Chris says:

    Play 4 times with different choices. Holy crap! Either you know your science or you’ve done a lot of research. Commenting on what you’ve done so far, I appreciate the amount of work you put toward the technical details of each chapter. Especially for us gun/military nuts, doomsday preppers, – and now science freaks.

    Great job! Look forward to the next release. And… does this also mean Candace will be save-able via update later?

  2. valkyrie says:

    i loved the amount of work and writing that clearly went into this. I also loved how you got to learn more about Candace who seems to be one of the less described character. my question was also if this would make Candace savable.

  3. A says:

    Actually the option to save Candace is available. There is a part where you rush to the gathering, and then choose to shoot the zombies attacking Candace.

  4. Daniel says:

    From many plays and choices. I’ve concluded that it’s coming out amazingly. I honestly cannot wait to see the outcome of this fully completed. With all chapters,all options done. You really but so much love and effort to this I honestly dread the day you finish this. Ever considered a spin off of this? Same universe just different pov? Eh im talking to much. Good job with this though. Can’t wait to play as a scientist when this is done.

    • jimd says:

      I am planning a sequel based on new characters in a new area of North America, which I will begin writing in the summer after ZE ends.

      Thanks for your kind words.

      • Daniel says:

        I honestly cannot wait. Im here to support ya. Haven’t had a good read like this in years. Also kills tons of time at work

      • R says:

        If you are going to make a sequel that is set somewhere in North America. Make it somewhere far north in Canada; The cold climate would (in my opinion) make the story interesting because of the need of warmth and extra work required to survive.

        I hope this series never ends (IT’S FLIPPING AMAZING!!!) and keep up the EPIC work!! 😀

        • Doubletapp says:

          If we went in to Canada, weapon restrictions would certainly make the game more fun. Plus there is more game and dangerous game too which would pose a greater risk to survivors. Bandits, bears, and zombies oh my!

          • R says:

            It’s exactly what I want! The number of things you would have to do and just the overall difficulty would make the game awesome!!

  5. joel says:

    I played through the entire game many times with the book from the start but never found a purpose for it so is there a purpose for it?

  6. Lobminster says:

    Great fan of your writing, Jim, thanks for it. Awesome scene, finally putting together the work spent by the player in the scientist-exclusive scenes. I was just wondering about Eugene, though. When he first makes mention of his intent to examine Devlin in chapter III he makes a clear point in his limitations to do so in the pharmacy. I always wondered if his interest in epidemics and Zeta virus would draw him to work alongside the character and Candace at the lab (I can’t help but picture Eugene dividing his time between aiding Emma with the community’s health care and conducting experiencies alongside the main character in the lab)

    • jimd says:

      My plan is that Eugene and/or Kelly will work on a cure if the player is not a scientist. I am still working out the logistics, since it creates many combinations of outcomes and also has to provide some interaction with the player. For example, if Eugene develops a treatment, the player (as leader) must convince the survivors to take it.

  7. Max says:

    I absolutely love this game. Thank you so much for all your dedication to it. Its incredible. But I have a question. Has anyone ever made a map out of all the choices? Like a family tree but the bottom one are the genders and then it gives all the scenes? Just a way so people know they’ve done every choice and done every combination and seen every seen. I realize this would be difficult because of how many choices there are, but I’ve seen it done. It was an interactive type thing that you clicked on the choice and it would branch out. That way not all possible thing were out at once. And then you make a sort of check system so you can check off what you’ve done. If anyone could make that it would be great, and I’m sure everyone would be thankful to see every possible part of this magnificient, genius creation.

    • jimd says:

      I am not sure I’d have time to work on such a project, but I do plan to have a list of achievements and a summary at the game’s end which will provide a review of choices made.

      Can you share with me the link or game that has the choice tree thing you can use to check off choices?

      • Max says:

        I do realize it would be an extremely difficult task, especially without a template. So I will definetly leave a link for it. I will have to look for it again because it was quite a while ago but I definetly will. And even if you don’t have time to, I’m sure some dedicated fans could make it. And then it could be edited and used as a template for all of Choice of Games games. And that is a great idea for the review at the end. Thanks again for the great work, and keep it up! I’m sure with the right promotions and other things this could become a book for electronic tablets and could go big, and you could make quite a lot of money off it.

  8. Heather says:

    Hi! Love the game, currently on part three and enjoying myself greatly. I wanted to have a go at the iv scene available for testing, but I wasn’t sure how to access it? Same with beta v scene. Thanks 🙂

    Also, my bad if I’m mistaken and I can’t have a peek until I actually get up that far myself.

  9. BenF83 says:

    Where can i play the scientist only scene? I played Part IV over as a scientist, but I can’t find how and where to play it. Is it pert of the app, or just on the online version?

    • jimd says:

      The scene was taken down after the beta test period. However, the update for the apps which adds that scene should be out in the next few weeks.

      • BenF83 says:

        Ok, cool, thx. I can’t wait for it. You’re doing a great job and your hard work is greatly appreciated and it’s amazing! Can’t wait for the new updates.

  10. Vyvyenne Miller says:

    O__o After this is over, can ye make ‘un in another place such as Canada? It’d be interestin’ to see what we’d do without guns. (If so, is our base gonna be at Costco? They have everything there)

  11. Thomas says:

    when you make the new game can you have so we still play with the old the charcters or just play with new ones cause I would love it if I can play with the old ones I know it means a lot of work but it will be cool have them again or have that the main player died and we meet the rest of the group…

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