Zombie Exodus, Part V Beta Testing Begins!

Part V, chapter 1 is now available for open beta testing. You have just become leader of the Cathedral and must rebuild after the devastating attacks of Part IV.

To beta test, you can restore via long password from the end of Part IV or build a new character with a full range of options.

Please email me feedback, post here, or post in the Choice of Games forums.


Part V Beta Test

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63 Responses to Zombie Exodus, Part V Beta Testing Begins!

  1. valkyrie says:

    i really love the new chapter and i can tell this will probably be the best chapter. I love all the detailed writing and i noticed you made it possible for Candace to survive and i wanted to thank you for listening to your audiences suggestions. Congrats on this entry and i cant wait for the next one

  2. Doubletapp says:

    In the begining I didn’t like that when picking people you gave no reference to:
    A) How large the task was, as some of us haven’t played since we beat it.
    B) Whose attributes were best fitting for which tasks
    Besides that it’s getting there, ran in to a few bugs but now can’t remember were, sorry. Please don’t stop after part v

    • jimd says:

      Those are good points. I did provide some details on the task to repair the Cathedral doors, so I will do so for the rest. Also, I’ll add some text on what would be the strengths and weaknesses of each survivor. I may do it based on profession, for example, a carpenter will have a better understanding of how many people it will take to fix the Alcove and Cathedral doors.

      • Doubletapp says:

        Wow, fast response you must adore your fans. When I played through it again I was kinda bothered that I couldn’t join in helping, any leader is no true leader with out being able to do the same work he/she commands.

        • jimd says:

          There are other things to do, such as the supervising and getting the office you want. I’ve had a few people suggest that the leader should help, so I am putting it on a wishlist. Currently, I am implementing an option to un-assign someone from a task, if a mistake was made or the survivor is better somewhere else. Then I want to add your A and B options above.

  3. Doubletapp says:

    You’re the best Mr. D… Interested in an idea for another if then game?

    • jimd says:

      Sure, post it here. Are you thinking of writing a game?

      • Doubletapp says:

        No, not writing a game do have a few books in the works though. When you spoke of a sequel, something I thought of was the sequel could start off two ways. First was if your group does leave the cathedral(if the game allows) meeting a new group of survivors or if they didn’t leave then just start the game fresh. Side note question hows the choiceof script to code with?

  4. Chris says:

    Awesome chapter. Reminds me that everyone loves to criticize the leader, but no one wants to be one. And now we all get to, in a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Sweet.

    One suggestion, on the game as a whole (but more of a personal request), maybe you could give the option for white letters on a dark background? Playing this at night is kind of a strain on the eyes with the white background.

  5. Lobminster says:

    Awesome writing as always, thanks for it. As a minor comment, wouldn’t it be possible for the player to treat with Badger a bit more roughly while still keeping him on (as a prisoner, perhaps)? The main character was, in my opinion, a bit condescending about his stay on the options that allowed that (even saying he/she is sorry for the loss of Badger’s companions). Perhaps he/she could outright force Badger to work on heavy duty and then assign someone to take a look on him (I take Devlin, for example, would have a personal interest in it). Also, I can’t help but feeling he should be forced to dig Starr’s grave (and the grave of any other survivor that did not… well… survive) and that a ‘mourning’ scene should be added later on (after Cathedral’s repairing).

  6. Yokai says:

    Well to start off, after I assigned the characters their jobs I realized some jobs could have been given to different people, because I realized I made a mistake. It would be great to have a “on second thought” option before finalizing the tasks.

    One suggestion I might make for the humanity stat: maybe there should be more options that effects that stat and then have consequences for that player that have it below 50, for example part way through the game something happens (like you return from a run) and the options that are given to you are harsher leading people to dislike you more. There is always the option of redeeming yourself later, but until then you’re pretty cold towards everyone but a select few who understand your position (or have everyone outright hate you).

    Another suggestion I might have is the constant feeling of someone trying to over throw you. Paranoia should run deep in this game, considering the situation, but this would be an option like having the player feel the others are conspiring against you.

    Also just because I feel like nitpicking (sorry) I noticed on the state page the f/male label is lowercase where everything else is uppercase. I see that as inconsistent and would suggest going through the options to make sure that everything is consistent in terms of lower and upper case for the future. I’m not saying there are mistakes that obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to double check afterwards.

    Hmm…I might just play again and compile a list of things I see that needs correcting. Also as I side note, I have an idea for a game, nothing extravagant but it’s been brewing in my mind since I picked up ZE. I would like your opinion on it if you have the time >///>

    P.S. I await the release of pt. V cause goddammit it’s one of the best choose-your-own-adventure-games I’ve played.

  7. joel says:

    Awesome chapter as usual,not the greatest.Wish that we could do more stuff with our profession,ie:contrustion worker can build traps to increase the defense the credtals defences or as a priest convert the suviours to a religon

  8. alan says:

    How do u continue a game from your phone o online i want to use my character for the beta
    It gives the option? How do u ise it?

  9. Josh says:

    One thing I think would be a good addition to the chapter is the ability to speak with the group should you choose to vote on Badger staying or not. Basically, have it be similar to when River and Starr were about to be voted on – you could choose to either speak in favor of Badger, against him, or to silently vote for or against.

    • jimd says:

      It’s a good suggestion. As leader, you can over-ride everyone and vote him in, which is why I didn’t think a debate was necessary. But I see your point and will consider adding it.

  10. Lobminster says:

    Playing again and again I realized Emma fills in certain roles in scenes for a player who isn’t engaged in any relationship. This somewhat lessens the opportunity to bond with Emma at times. Right after the attack, for example, couldn’t we, both as someone in a romantic affair and Emma’s brother, console both persons, lover and sister? Perhaps they could even exchange small talk between them (maybe Heather will be worried both for her lover and her best friend). Thinking like that in a larger scale, what about a bonding scene between Emma, the player and the person in a relationship with the player? As subgroups break down to ponder about zombie exodus such reunion seems relevant (Crone?).

    Also, just as a typical thought of a video game addict, did you ever gave thought to a ” “secret” bonus relationships” for this last chapter? Maybe special side missions that could lead (if done in a certain way) to an unexpected relationship (kelly?… river?)… Just imagining, your writing is inspirational, keep up

  11. jimd says:

    That’s a good point about Emma. The chapter I am writing now does allow conversations with all survivors, so that should satisfy the need to bond with Emma. However, I may implement your idea and make it so Emma always talks to the MC and also any boyfriend/girlfriend interacts with the MC.

    Otherwise, my big issue is time. I promised to have ZE finished by June, 2013, so if I keep adding more complexity, it will push back that date. I doubt I’ll code more relationships as they are the most difficult to write. For example, in my latest scene with Tom, the conversation code is 1000 lines and 50,000 words. I will be doing the same for Heather, Mindy, and Devlin.

  12. Will Xisingr says:

    Helloo, first of all I have to compliment you on how wonderful the game is so far, it’s really one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m wondering about the scene where Candace falls into the horde of zombies while you’re defending the Cathedral, what’re the requirements to be able to save her? On my first person, an option came up about jumping down and distracting the zombies, but on my new character, I am not able to do so. The only differences between those characters is that the one that could save her had more strength (somewhere in the 35-40 something range) but less dexterity (pretty much the same amount as strength, I believe) And my newer character had more dexterity, which was at 50, but only 20 strength. And one more thing, is it possible you could let us transfer our saves from the iOS version to use on the beta? I saved it on the iPod by entering my email, but when I enter my email on the beta, no saves appear. Thanks!

    • jimd says:

      I’m actually going to be updating the end of Part IV to include a much more direct way of saving Candace.

      If you want to transfer saves from app to beta version, the only way to do it is to generate a password. Unfortunately, saves through the app are not controlled by me but by the publisher, Choice of Games.

  13. David says:

    Huge fan of this game and hats off to you for taking so much time and effort and putting it into something very much worthwhile.

    Question though, will there be a way to obtain the Pistol Crossbow without finding out about Emma’s otherworldly friend?

    • jimd says:

      Not sure I will implement it later. It’s one advantage of doing that mission, and Part IV is partly based around choosing the best missions for your character. If you want the pistol crossbow, you potentially have to give up bonuses or rewards from other missions. That’s the puzzle of Part IV.

  14. valkyrie says:

    I just had another question after playing through the whole game. Will Thomas’s check from the first episode ever come into play?

    • jimd says:

      The only use for Thomas’ check is to bribe the two police officers to allow you to leave the building. I had considered having you meet his parents later in the game, but I couldn’t fit it into the story.

      • playboyXXXXX says:

        jimid plz answer this question can Candace be saved in the ipod version because im trying soooooo hard to find how but i cant but here on your website i saved her plz answer can you guys update the ipod version shes my favorite carecter plz dooo something about this plz!!!!!!!

        • jimd says:

          The version on my web site is where I test new content, so it will be different at times. My plan is to have an update mid-April to make all versions the same, and at that point, it will be possible to save Candace.

  15. Eric Cunningham says:

    I have played through the first four parts countless times and I can’t wait for part 5 to be released. Keep up the great work!

  16. Josh says:

    nicely done Mr. Datillo. I want to suggest you , it will be better if you focus on character and emotion building. that’s it from me, keep up the good work

  17. Anru says:

    So when can we expect chapter 5 to be in full, maybe in the spring hopefully?

  18. playboyXXXXX says:

    ummm why cant i play chapter 5 i beat all 4 chapters on my ipod and now i wanna try the beta but i cant on both pc or computer Help!

  19. ZombieExodus fan 22 says:

    i agree with the PlayboyX for the ipod i cant save her at all and its a big issue because there probably gonna do an update when chapter 5 comes out so that means ipod people will have to play chapter 4 again instead of chapter 5 which is bull. someone has to fix this before the update or a lot of people inculding me are gonna be so angry

    • jimd says:

      Saving Candace is new content, along with other things I’m adding, such as a Scientist-only scene to work on the cure. You don’t have to play the new content when it’s added. If you want to save Candace, then yes, you’ll have to replay Part 4. Originally I didn’t allow Candace to be saved, but readers asked for it, so I added it. There’s no way other than an update to make those readers satisfied.

      There is also no “they” in the development team. It is me alone. I write, edit, test, market, and handle all of the reader communication. Choice of Games just publishes the game. So, I do the best I can to accommodate requests from readers for new content, new choices, or changes.

      • ZombieExodus fan 22 says:

        look dude you sound cool and i dont blame you cause your the write but seriously i hate the fact that i gotta save her making replay the whole chapter which is bull besides i just…… i donno srry about my earlier comment i was mad. i love this story you have its unique and its something that im so interested in you know(: thx you for such an awsome game and i have to ask can you do like a flashback on how cassie and the protaginist even met or their freindship is explored i donno im interested in their relationship as kids. lastly if you ever do a emma/you relationship(love ) is it gonna be short or long. finally may i ask is this ending gonna blow our minds away lol. or is it gonna be a huge disappointment cause for some reason no one can do a conclosive ending this year. thx for listening and keep up the great work

  20. Jerred says:

    i love heather she is sexy . could u please add a part were she is kidnapped by bandits and u can rescue her?

    • jimd says:

      Thanks for the comment. At this point in the story, things are wrapping up, so there probably won’t be any kidnapping scenes. I’ll think about doing it for Zombie Exodus 2.

  21. Jerred says:

    i freaking love this game awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please respond to my question . ZE forever!!

  22. joe says:

    The game is amazing,so is the story and characters.I have played and replayed it because I wanted better stats and to find out new things.keep up the good work.

  23. Don Wayne says:

    Whenever I continue from part IV from saved text, it goes straight to the ending screen asking to play again. T_T

  24. Zoey says:

    I really enjoy this game it is amazing. ^^
    The story is great and I love replaying it I have played as a guy and a girl. and cant wait for part 5.
    This is a strange question and I’m asking it because of the birth control crack Emma makes but do you plan on having Heather or Mindy or the female protagonist get pregnant? It would be Bad ass if that happed to the female protagonist I can just imagine her battling zombies like that XD
    All the funny things that Heather would say and and well IDK about Mindy I never dated her. XD
    Any way sorry I was rambling and thanks for reading my weirdness.
    also I thought read somewhere Zombie Exodus 2 O.O

    • jimd says:

      I won’t rule out pregnant NPCs, but I doubt I’ll have the main character become pregnant. Maybe in ZE2. And yes there will be a ZE2, but it will not be a continuation but a new set of characters in a new area.

      • Zoey says:

        that would be cool and entertaining to have NPCs or female protagonist get pregnant. XD
        Oh so its will be an all new story in ZE 2 cool thanks for taking what I said seriously ^^
        Cant wait to play more.

      • BenF83 says:

        You said ZE2 will be completely different characters in a different location. But will it be the same Zombie Apocalypse as in the first one? And if so, would it be possible where at the end of ZE2, or if there is one, ZE3, they meet up with the characters in ZE?

  25. Fitness says:

    if only all blogs were like this

  26. Dean says:

    1. Jimd you have made the GREATEST text adventure game ever.
    2. When I was playing part V a while ago I was talking to badger and he asked if you ever considered becoming raiders. I wanted to know if that will be a possibility or or if it’s just an empty question.
    3. Will there be much more of Cassie because there is still a lot I don’t know about her even though I have done the mission with Emma.
    4. I missed getting Toby in part IV will you ever be able to get him in part V?

    • jimd says:

      1. Thanks!
      2. Yes, you will be able to raid other groups eventually.
      3. A lot of the info you get from that scene in the catacombs depends on how afraid Emma becomes. The further you push her fear, the more questions you can ask Cassie. If you asked her all of the questions, there is only a bit more that will be uncovered in the future chapters of ZE.
      4. No, unfortunately he is only available in Part IV.

  27. Thomas says:

    Are you expecting to make ZE2 longer than ZE?

    • jimd says:

      I have no idea yet. ZE is close to 500,000 words and typical choice games are around 50,000. Longer games are much harder to code. I will need to speak with Choice of Games about the details of ZE2 to help determine how long is best to make it.

  28. Bunker says:

    Love the Zombie Exodus series but this last section (Chapter 5, part 3) is super depressing. I know it is the Zombie Apocalypse and all but it just seems a bit much that so many characters are killed off or leave in the last chapter. When I was doing the beta morale was high and so was allegiance and I thought that my translate into whether or not you lose anyone. I thought it might be like Mass Effect 3- the higher your readiness, the less casualties you take. If it isn’t too late, might be something you would want to incorporate.

    • jimd says:

      I am redesigning that section and am going to add more chances to save everyone and base it more on stats such as group offense and cathedral defense.

  29. DarkshadowDS says:

    jimd can you do more difficult questions or actons like you have to choice who lives or which is more important?that would be great if you were provided with more complications in the game thabk you is you do.

    P.S don’t stop at chapter 5 can you go up to chapter 10?and have a scary twist at the end?

    • jimd says:

      You will be able to choose who you take with you if you leave the Cathedral, and even who lives or dies.

      Part V is the end, though I will work on another app after Zombie Exodus.

  30. DarkshadowDS says:

    by the way I’m thinking of making a zombie choice game like this but different got advise or how to publish it?

    • jimd says:

      I would take a look at the Choice of Games forum and read on how to create games. If you finish one, they will publish it for you and give you a percentage of the revenue.

  31. DarkshadowDS says:

    its so depresing when uncle lou dies and jason leaves and dave and javier die and starr the ones that were worst was starr and uncle lou. by the way after the zombie attack will you give us an option to stay and rebuild.
    here are some of my thoughts
    1. you assign people to do missions and you can come or not or you can assign people to do things you already did that.
    2. you can launch raid party’s or scout places out so you can search there.
    3.make raids or zombie attacks more frequent but not huge attacks just enough to make you think about them.
    4. when supplies are low you get to choose which one to scavenge.
    5.the main problem that i want you to solve is that when people die or leave there needs to be new people like when you find them on missions. Thanks for your help to make this game awsome!!!!! i love your game jimd keep making it!!!!!!!

  32. David Goode says:

    Just wanna say even though chapter 5 was delayed you have done an awesome job with this game it has given me more entertainment than say Diablo 3…. Ps Sorry for comparing zombie exodus to such a bad game

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