Part V, Chapters 1 and 2 beta testing

Part V, chapters 1 and 2 are now available for open beta testing. You have just become leader of the Cathedral and must rebuild after the devastating attacks of Part IV.

To beta test, you can restore via long password from the end of Part IV or build a new character with a full range of options.

Please email me feedback, post here, or post in the Choice of Games forums.


Part V Beta Test


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71 Responses to Part V, Chapters 1 and 2 beta testing

  1. Daniel says:

    There is no option to play the beta.

  2. jimd says:

    When you do try, clear your browser’s history first.

  3. Lobminster says:

    Hello again. To point out what I saw after the first row of playing, there’s some problem in the code bugging the game when, after selecting a certain duty for a survivor, the option to select duty reappears right after you say goodbye to said survivor (thus, locking the game (got this problem twice, with Emma and River)). Also, on the scene with Emma, wasn’t carrying any weapons whatsoever and it didn’t reflect in the text when fighting Zombie Emma. To close up, Crone gives opinion about Badger even if Badger wasn’t accepted in the cathedral. Plotwise… wow, some of the survivor’s speeches disheartened me more than the hardships met in keeping the group’s needs up. Most people are on a whim and just dealing with their opinions and unbalanced states of mind really put up an inconfortable mood for the wannabe leader MC. Nicely done, I’m curious to see what kind of options we’ll have to deal with it.

  4. Vincent says:

    When i choose the beta, it crashes and says “Num_ofsurvivers”

  5. valkyrie says:

    I was supportive of emma and crones relationship but told both to be cautious. After telling this to crone i got to a page with text but no selectable choices and had to start over

  6. valkyrie says:

    i found a new feature. I love the game and the interactions. However you can’t use saves because it is in beta so you have to build a new file. This makes it impossible no matter what to be friends enough with Devlin to hear his life story. I wasn’t sure if you did this on purpose so people would have to wait until after beta or if you just hadn’t written it yet.

  7. Vincent says:

    Still doesn’t work. Still excited when i get to see it though.

  8. Anru says:

    Huh, you surprised me with the option to be with both Mindy and Heather I had actually thought it was a glitch in part 4. Too bad it doesn’t work out but based on their characters I can’t b so surprised. Very nice job

  9. Anru says:

    So I’m assuming based on who wants to leave or stay people will be left behind regardless….tragic but that is the new world. Again amazing work sooo creative

  10. ZombiekillerWhale says:

    Wait Heather can Die :O and how can i have Mindy and heather at the same time help Jmnd

  11. John Smith says:

    I am wondering if Heather will change her mind about just her, me, Tom, Emma, and Uncle Lou, because I told Mindy she could come with us, and I want Crone to come for Emma, also, whenever I go to load one of my saves that I made using my email, it says there are none.

    • jimd says:

      You can change Heather’s mind later in Part 5. Ultimately, you can form your own group to stay at or leave the Cathedral.

      Saves via email don’t transfer from app to online for some reason. My publisher controls that aspect of the game, so I don’t have any control unfortunately.

  12. ZombiekillerWhale says:

    hey jmmd thx for the Help can you press choice of games to update the ipod Version cause seriously i want cadence with me when act 5 comes out plz ive been asking them and get no reply or even a F**king no

    Btw i was wondering if Cassie has more of a back story betweening you and Emma cause im really interested in that

    • Lobminster says:

      If you read the comments just above you’ll get all the answers you’re asking for

    • jimd says:

      The apps are being updated at the end of May and Part 5 will be out a few months later, so you’ll have plenty of time to save Candace.

      If you want backstory on Cassie, do the Emma’s secret mission in Part 4.

  13. Lobminster says:

    Been wondering, no bonding scene with Toby in this first part of chapter V? Not that he’ll really have a word, and I’m aware you have something in reserve for him, but, well, couldn’t we have a stroll down by the beach, maybe some jogging, throwing a few sticks, raising friendship with him some.

  14. Anru says:

    Will we be able to have a second chance at erasing Cassie’s influence since some of us were more focuced on adding group members or will it resolve itself

  15. valkyrie says:

    well if I don’t talk to either Mindy or Heather will I be able to keep both of them? Of course I guess it would just be easy to figure in a confrontation where you have to choose one. Currently I didn’t talk to either so neither broke up with me yet.

  16. Anru says:

    I really wanted to trust badger even tho I didn’t actually accept him in part 4 but its clear he will betray us and need to b put down

  17. NoobCommanderOh says:

    When is this chapter coming out? I want it sooooooo bad!

  18. Joe says:

    When does part V come out?

  19. jimd says:

    Parts 3 and 4 are over 50,000 words of content (not coding), and I plan to do that for Part 5. So far, there are 12 possible endings planned.

  20. Kim says:

    I love this game so much! I have no idea how many times I’ve played it over to Part 4! I was just wondering why I am not getting a “long password” at the end of Part 4 so I can Beta Test Part 5 from where I left off. Do the iDevices not give a password?

  21. BigBen says:

    I just wanted to say I don’t normally comment but this game is just so great I felt the need to. I just wanted say well done so far and wanted to ask if you had any plans to starry a new story after zombie exodus?

  22. McSlickster says:

    Can we no longer play Parts 4 and 5? 🙁

    • jimd says:

      This site only has parts 4 and 5 available for testing. They are taken down when testing periods are over. I’ll be posting a new beta chapter in about 2 weeks.

  23. Lobminster says:

    Hello once more, Jim. I see you’ve taken out the beta part V and updated part IV. I was hoping to do some more testing with other characters from different professions and see how the game would answer, but I’ve tried the updated part IV with my main char, a scientist. Awesome implementation of the scientist only scene, as well the adding of the option to focus on restoring water supply in the cathedral. Of note, I realized there’s no improving in relationship with Candace in the lab scene (though I found it a bit lacking, principally considering all the time the MC spends in going through explanations, I guess it is ok, considering the relationship with her is boosted considerably at the time the lab is first implemented in the cathedral). Besides, in one of the instances in the lab scene, Candace will refer to the MC by name but some typo in the code will make it appear as “name”.

    Nice adding of the scene with Tom, as well, relating to Javier’s wound. Indeed, the fact the MC knew of the injure and he couldn’t deal with it, even indirectly, was a bit frustrating. Since I’m at it, one last thing I just wanted to throw about, too, about part IV. Upon siding with Mindy in the cathedral on the decision to accept Devlin and Eugene in the group, there’s a very severe decrease of likeness with the integrants that oppose it, mainly with (in the case I wanna cover) Emma. I found that this decrease makes the relationship with Emma go below “Best Friend” to “Friend” and that there’s no way, not even “Socializing with the group to build morale”, to bring the relationship stat back to “Best Friend”. Thinking in-game, it just seemed wrong to me that my sister would be so angry or disappointed at me for backing up the acceptance of new integrants (even after she was “ashamed” of her behavior after Tom throws in his opinion) that not even a week of intense social interaction couldn’t amend it.

    Sorry for being so long, it is just that I’ve played your game so many times it would be a waste not to give feedback. Waiting to try any other beta scenes, if you plan to post them up, before the finishing of part V. I wish you a good work and hope the rest of the writing comes out smoothly.

    • jimd says:

      Per your suggestion, I’ll add an increase to your relationship with Candace from the scientist-only scene.

      I also slightly decreased the penalty hit to Emma’s relationship if you side with Mindy regarding Devlin/Eugene.

      In addition, I raised the % gain from Socializing in Week 11. However, when choosing “Socializing with the survivors to build morale”, the bonus you receive is based off of charisma, so the higher the charisma, the better the increase.

      Great feedback! Thanks.

  24. BenF83 says:

    You said ZE2 will be completely different characters in a different location. But will it be the same Zombie Apocalypse as in the first one? And if so, would it be possible where at the end of ZE2, or if there is one, ZE3, they meet up with the characters in ZE?

    • jimd says:

      Yes, it will be the same Zombie Apocalypse as the first story. I will possibly have cameos from characters in ZE1 meet you in ZE2, but it will be very rare.

      • BenF83 says:

        That sounds awesome, I can’t wait for Part V and ZE2. I love this game. It’s amazing.

      • BenF83 says:

        I have another question about ZE2. I was just curious. So you said ZE2 is going to be taking place during the same Zombie Apocalypse as the first one. Now, is ZE2 gonna start when the apocalypse first starts, like in the first one, or will it start at a different point, like where the first one left off. (I’ve just been thinking, but I don’t know what you’re thinking. These are just ideas that popped in my head.) I’ve just been thinking, ZE2 could start from the beginning of the apocalypse and it shows how the other group of survivors survive. Then either they leave too or stay or whatever happens, but this second group of survivors meets up with (somehow) the first group when they decide to leave the cathedral (if they do). I was just thinking and I just wanted to tell you, but I can’t wait for part 5!

        • jimd says:

          Yes, ZE2 will start at the outbreak (actually slightly before the outbreak). I have a few ideas for how NPCs will be introduced but none from ZE1 will be in ZE2 aside from possible brief cameos.

          • BenF83 says:

            Ok thanks. That sounds awesome. I can’t wait. You’re amazing at writing by the way

  25. Anru says:

    Will these parts cost the same as the others and if so is it all one purchase for the both of them

  26. jimd says:

    Part 5 will cost 99 cents in the US and cost whatever the equivalent is in other countries. Updates are free, so if you purchased Part 4 already, the new scientist scene is free.

    If you buy the Chrome version, it costs $2.99 for all parts, even Part 5.

  27. McSlickster says:

    I can’t purchase this game on android.

  28. Anru says:

    Was there ever a way to be friends with Delvin and what happened to our zombified nightmares?

  29. BenF83 says:

    Hey, about these choose your own adventure games (I love them, they are amazing), I was wondering what some of your favorites are. What choose your own adventure games have inspired you to write Zombie Exodus? I’m looking for some other ones to play along with ZE but I can’t find any that are even close to how good Zombie Exodus is. Do you, the expert, know of any good ones?

  30. jimd says:

    I like stories by EndMaster, such as Necromancer:

    and Eternal:

    His games are very story-driven. There are lots of games at chooseyourstory:

    They have zombie CYOA there too (though I can’t recommend any specifically).

    I liked Life of a Wizard — you can try the demo here:

    It is a first-person story and more variable than story-driven, but I enjoyed it.

    • BenF83 says:

      Thanks so much, I’ll check them out. I love CYOA especially Zombie Exodus. Hopefully these other ones will be good too. You’re amazing at writing by the way and I can’t wait for part 5. Also, I don’t mean to bother you too much, but i replied to one of the comments a couple comments up. I don’t know if you read it but I’m just letting you know it’s there.

  31. Joe says:

    Will there be drawings in all the chapters?

  32. Courtney says:

    When is part 5 supposed to come out?

  33. guygombaa says:

    Im really sad to see the end of ZE, and am somewhat disappointed I wont be able to continue in ZE2. Things such as my relationship with Heather, and my friendships with the other survivors, all down the drain? A new story where you wake up, separated from the group, Cassie helping you to find your way back, would be nice.

    • jimd says:

      I don’t know what the future will hold. My hope is to do a new setting with new characters but I don’t know if that will stick with my publishers.

  34. Storyteller says:

    I think theres a bug near the end, when you’re fighting off the zombies and get to put your group into a defensive position. So the bug seems to be when River is going to kill Tom and if you let him he does, but when your positioning your group it says that Tom is still alive. It’ll be pretty interesting if this wasn’t a bug.

  35. jPaul22 says:

    Can some one help me? Whei load my save game from my mail it says i dont have any saved games, i play on my iphone 4, also how do i make my email game into a password safe game?

    • jimd says:

      Are you trying to play the live game or a beta?

      The beta test period is over, since I have started working on the next game. I’ll post a beta test for the new game in a few weeks.

  36. jPaul22 says:

    How do i beta test on ios (iphone 4)

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