Zombie Exodus Part V, Chapter 3 now available for testing.

Part 5, Chapter 3 beta has now been posted. It is about 2/3 of the way done, but should give you a taste of what’s to come.


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104 Responses to Zombie Exodus Part V, Chapter 3 now available for testing.

  1. Anru says:

    This chapter is so hardcore and intense nice job

  2. valkyrie says:

    shit just got real

  3. Chris says:

    I wish I had something constructive to say, but this chapter left me speechless. Mind blown, but in a good way. The story just seems to get better and better.

  4. Dean says:

    1. JimD you have made every other app on all of my i-devices obsolete due to the awesomeness that is Zombie Exodus. But Part V will probably make EVERYTHING else obsolete.
    2. Will I be able to kill tom now? (if so :D)
    3. When i was Building my Character for Chap 3 it said nothing about the bandits or badger, is there something wrong there?
    4. After i find Hadley at the end i press to be continued and it come up with the”your game has come to an unexpected end” screen, is that supposed to Happen?

    • jimd says:

      1. Thanks! I really appreciate it.
      2. Of course! But there may be repercussions.
      3. They aren’t necessary to the beta as of right now.
      4. Yes, I stopped the beta at that part but am writing the rest to post hopefully in 1-2 weeks.

  5. Dean says:

    *i meant Chapter V not Chapter 3 Sorry..

  6. Lobminster says:

    Awesome, as always, and extra spicy a chapter. Got me wondering how would I break through the bandit filled depot just to find myself in such a messy situation. Strolling into the forest deeply reminded me of Joe Dever’s Flight from the Dark and Fire on the Water (first pieces of interactive fiction I had the pleasure to lay eyes upon). It did hit me, is Douglas the “Doug guy” who told Devlin and Eugene about Zombie Exodus? When I first saw it I kinda thought he would have something useful to say to the MC. Oh, and the scene in Catherine’s shack, in the dark, feeling for a weapon, touching the blood on the ground, now that I know where that comes from, it is plain awesome. Nice work!

    • Lobminster says:

      Also, there’s a bug in the jeep scene. I had a character come through the road chose to drive the jeep. It then gives me the option to kill the soldier (after it mentioning driving the jeep). After killed him, with the knife option, the same text appeared again and locked the game

      • jimd says:

        Thanks! I will fix that error in the next update.

        Yes, that’s Doug who traded with Eugene. Good catch!

        And the scene in Catherine’s shack is the scene from the first screen of the game. I finally had a chance to show where it’s from.

  7. TheZombieKillerWhale says:

    I see what Jmid is trying to do he’s saying that if we kill Tom The Traitor we are gonna have some issues with heather probably and keeping him alive will cause more problems I love how this chapter was presented and everything. 1) the setting seems dark and kinda scary . 2) Everything from act V is referenced and is showed. 3) It feels like a fight for survival and slowly coming to a big decision of staying or leaving(: thank you jmid keep it up and can I ask can you actually die like non cannon like you can die in the story

  8. Jerred M. says:

    Thank u Jim! Finally! I love Heather she is hot! And I can’t wait for part 5! That beta was awesome! Zombie exodus is awesome! R. I.P Uncle Lou.Sad he had to go.U should do another zombie game. Love ur work!

    • Jerred M. says:

      Hey Jim, I need some advice, I am currently in a relationship with heather but I really want to kill that son of a bitch traitor who tried to kill me. But if I do, heather will hate me for life! So, any suggestions, kill Tom or let him live?

      • Dean says:

        Im in a relation ship with heather too and I desperately want to put a bullet in toms face. I’m going to kill him because he tried to kill me and I always get vengeance, screw heather, a reason to kill Tom is so much better!! You know it’s the truth….

      • jimd says:

        Well, you can try multiple paths. The good thing about the game is you can play it, then restart it and try a different set of options.

        • Jerred M. says:

          Ok. Thank u for answering my question. Sorry for any grammar mistakes I made. Anyway I was just wandering if we get to fist fight Tom. You know, no guns, weapons, or anything. Just my bare hands so I can kick his ass before I kill him.

  9. bobsmyuncle says:

    Wow, this is going to be bananas. I got weird vibes from Tom a long time ago, but I thought he was just playing games (that is, throw the main character at progressively more dangerous obstacles to see what she’ll bring back) and scheming to get back into leadership. I didn’t suspect murder at all! I hope we have a range of choices regarding how to deal with him. I want to kick him out on his ass without supplies.

    It looks like the final chapter is going to end Breaking of the Fellowship style. It makes me a little sad, but it’s been a great time following the story and experimenting with every last option. Thanks!

    PS – Uncle Lou, no šŸ™

  10. Grey says:

    There’s a glitch on the part where you go search the soldier. The game starts repeating and you can’t continue playing except by restarting the game.

  11. JerredM says:

    Jim….. I have an idea. Ok…..bear with me….Slenderman is an icon on the web, right? So picture this…… How about a pick your path survival horror game where u and your friends must survive slender man! Think about it…. The top slender man app has over5million players! This will be your biggest game!!!!

    • Anru says:

      Wouldn’t that just b picking which direction hoping that the thing wouldn’t b there, theres no story, u can’t fight or run so…. Bad text based game

  12. Tori says:

    This may be wishful thinking but can a scientist possibly cure Hadley? The section with her broke my heart.

    • jimd says:

      It’s not possible currently but I may add the option when the game is done. My goal is to finish Part 5 then add new features that people ask for.

      • Tori says:

        I see. Thanks for replying, man. I love the game. Keep up the good work.

      • valkyrie says:

        it would be cool if to save her you either had to do the scene as a scientist or some sort of scene was added that all the other jobs had to do to get a vaccine and save her. I still loved the scene though and currently it really shows the brutality of the world and how you can’t let your guard down even for a second.

  13. Mike says:

    Just out of curiosity, how can Heather die?

    • Lex says:

      I also want to know how. I keep restarting my game, trying other choices, she still won’t die.

    • jimd says:

      If you have enough people in your group (adding River, Crone, Devlin, or even Toby, then someone will aid Heather even if you don’t). So if you want her dead, don’t invite people to join your group.

  14. Jay says:

    Will there be an option to date Candace or Kelly in Part 5?

    • jimd says:

      Not in the same way you can have a romantic relationship with Mindy, Heather, Devlin, or Tom. Options for other survivors will exist, but the game is ending soon

  15. Jack says:

    I’m noticing that when I select some choices, the result of another shows up. For example, when I chose to search the bandit camp, the game said that I followed Douglas into the woods.

  16. TheZombieKillerWhale says:

    Hey jmid would you put in some Easter eggs in for the end of the game? Like certain stuff that will appear in the next game and also I’ll ask again can you die cannon wise in this finall act I mean you die and there’s no reset in the story you die permently

    • jimd says:

      There are already Easter Eggs in the game, and yes, more will be added. Also, there will be some bad endings but no perma-death endings. I want this to be more story than game.

  17. Steve says:

    Hey jmid, First: Love the game, Second: will there be a sequel to ZE? Either continuing the story of your character from this game or a new protagonist in a different location with a new group of characters?

    • jimd says:

      My plan is to write a sequel with a new protagonist in a different part of the US with all new NPCs. However, I haven’t pitched it to my publisher and they may want me to change up.

      • TheZombieKillerWhale says:

        I bet they would want you to make a sequel based on the old characters one posibitty with these new characters and a new protagist you can put the story after or during the events of the first game and jmid which charecter did you have the most fun or inspiration to write (: either way I’m getting the second game u just hope and pray that in the second game there is a lot more expiation of the zombies in the world

  18. TheZombieKillerWhale says:

    I bet they would want you to make a sequel based on the old characters one posibitty with these new characters and a new protagist you can put the story after or during the events of the first game and jmid which charecter did you have the most fun or inspiration to write (: either way Iā€™m getting the second game u just hope and pray that in the second game there is a lot more expiation of the zombies in the world

    • jimd says:

      I’d like to continue ZE with new characters but the publishers are more knowledgeable about the overall market and may want some changes. We’ll see!

  19. latiat1234 says:

    Shit…. I don’t know how Heather and the group will deal with Tom šŸ˜›

  20. Tony says:

    When will we be able to kill Tom, like in a beta test?

  21. Chris says:

    I don’t know why ChoiceOfGames is showcasing that other crappy zombie choice-game, while ZE beats the pants of nearly all the other ChoiceOfGames entries they have to offer on Android.

    Anyways, of all the days playing, I actually read the intro to the beta chapter… Damn, this is really the last chapter. We knew it was all coming – and it’s gonna be bittersweet: great that this awesome game/book will finally be complete, but sad to actually know that this experience will also be over (after several more replays of course).

    I’ve put probably more hours into this than most console video games… and I can’t shake the feeling that I probably won’t experience another zombie game or movie as intelligent or as engrossing as ZE.

    Heh. Something along the lines of, “the book was better than the movie,” comes to mind here. But really, I think I just enjoyed ZE more than anything else in the whole zombie genre. Bold statement, no? Well, I just played an awesome zombie game, “The Last of Us,” but I still think this ZE is just as good an experience, if not better, than that game.

    Of course, these are just my opinions, so whatever. I’m glad to have given this game a chance last year and I look forward to what you may write in the future. Sheesh! All I wanted to do was comment on how I felt after reading this was the last chapter.

    • jimd says:

      Thanks, Chris. I haven’t played “The Last of Us” but read about it. Makes me want to buy a PS3.

      • Chris says:

        Buy it! I bet the PS3 price drops when ps4 comes out. But regarding ZE – yeah man, we all know this is a good game… but not enough people know about it. You need to come up with a gameplan for that once you’re finished with ZE. Otherwise, its like that quote I learned in propaganda school:

        “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

        • jimd says:

          Advertising on the web takes a lot of cash, and I barely make money from this game. Not that I’m complaining — that’s just the reality.

          When the game started, I spent $500 to market it and spent all I made for months to advertise. It just became a losing strategy. Social media generates more views from what I’ve seen.

  22. DoubleTapp says:

    Wow, just wow. I could actually see Uncle Lous face in my mind. Maybe an idea would be if you go back for supplies Uncle Lou would have turned(Like every one is infected type deal) and you have to choose to kill him or not.Love it though Jim, keep up the amazing and inspiring work.

  23. Thedudewhokilledazombie says:

    It was Carl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Tony says:

    I wAnt to know about the park ranger who magically gets killed

  25. AugustustheGreat says:

    will we be able to kill, emma and the others if they become a pain?

  26. Nigel says:

    I can’t seem to recover my saved game from the end of Part IV? When I put in my email address the Beta says that I don’t have any saved games with. Is it possible to generate a password from Part IV instead of a saved game?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  27. Lobminster says:

    Oh my, a kinda “make yer mission” build up with choosing which survivors (of all of ’em) go for anyone of three possibilities of a mission alongside you… man, the coding must’ve been tough. Awesome work. Also, Toby going around along really puts another mood into the chapter. Added to the memorial service these all updated parts I and II give a nice feeling of bonding with the group, plotwise. I just noted something, there’s no option in the “build a character” for the death of Candace or Jason, who would, then, have their portraits (or something) on the altar in the memorial service.

    • jimd says:

      Hmmm… I programmed Candace and Jason showing in the memorial if dead. I’ll check it out.

      Yes, the coding for this scene took A LOT of work. I am not sure if I even should have done it to be honest šŸ™‚

      • Lobminster says:

        What? No, it is awesome… I mean, I understand the scene must have provided a short result in spite of the (what I imagine to be) detailed and careful coding needed, but just by the richness in the capacity of customization that scene is already thrilling. In-game, it gives the player the impression of having quite a big amount of freedom to interact with the fictional world (plotwise, it certainly builds to the feeling of now being the Cathedral’s leader)

  28. Matthew H says:

    Are you almost done? You said late July and that’s is almost here…love the game

  29. valkyrie says:

    I really liked the funeral addition. It added a nice touch to remember the dead characters especially the emotional moment with river.

  30. Sebastian says:

    I really like this game and I hope you can make sequel to this.Overall I think this is one of the best game in the marketplace.

  31. Danny says:

    is part 4 becoming free like the rest of the book or…?

  32. datphoenixguy says:

    When will part 4 be available fro free?

  33. Gingervora says:

    Just wanted to say that I’m loving this game so much. (I bought it as well to show my support) Your front page says that chapter 3 for part V is out, but I constantly get redirected to parts 1 and 2 only. I’m not sure if it’s just me (I’m using firefox) or what else.

    As for the release of part V, I’m extremely excited. I can’t wait until it comes out. (Will it be the final part to the game?)

    Also, if it’s possible, could I get a more detailed description of the NPC’s? I’m an amateur artist whose art is mostly on tumblr, but I’d really love to be able to draw them.


  34. melodyriver says:

    Okay, first, I wanna thank you for creating this super awesome game. I love it, and it’s definitely one of my favorite games.

    But, I just tried to play PART V chapters 1-3 with password saved game couple times, and every time, when I’m supposed to go to chapter 2, it just says “line245: non-variable “accuse_tom_sabotage”, and I’ll have to restart the whole thing šŸ™

  35. valkyrie says:

    found a really weird glitch i got toms as mad at me as i could get with a 25 relationship rating. I was dating mindy and when they argued i choose i hope she kicks your ass then i said forget it but didnt shake his hand. it put me in a loop where i had to keep making choices with going to find fuel food etc. it wouldnt let me leave. eventually i ran out of choices becuase it kept deleting the ones i picked and the game had no text choice or anything

  36. Shripal says:

    Awesome and fantastic game Jim. Keep up the good work and complete part 5 fast!!!

  37. Ultimate Apocalypse Soilder says:

    Okay Jimd I know you are just trying to finish the game right now. But please please PLEASE LET ME SAVE HADLEY I’ve tried like all the new possibilities to deal with her and nothing seems to bring me any like kind of closure that you get with the others deaths. Even with uncle Lou you get. Closure by killing Tom or having crone beat the hell out of him. But with Hadley and after all she’s been through she finally catches a break with this super nice character coming to rescue her only to have him kill her or abandon her in the woods. Also will there be a way to keep everyone together or will they just split up no matter what. Also in part 4 I got rid of Cassie so Emma would stop being so schizophrenic but in part v she’s back like nothing happened what’s up with that? And what’s up with river trying to kill Tom too like seriously? And I can’t believe Mindy died I felt like she would be one of the ones who could even outlast the MC. I’m a huge fan of the game and I love the storyline it’s so awesome I think your doing a great job with it and I can’t wait to see how it all ends. But seriously if Colin really is dead or has disappeared like Hadley then the MC should really be able to save her and bring her back to the Catherdal alive and not zombified. Again big fan go team Exodus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jimd says:

      I’ll check on the issue with Cassie and Emma. That sounds like a bug.

      As far as Hadley goes, I may create a way to save her but it won’t be implemented until after part 5 is done.

  38. Cole says:

    hey the beta is awsome iv only read the beta and i think its the
    best chapter altho im it said chapter 3 is out but im only getting chapter 1 & 2………still great

  39. Dean says:

    1. This will sound really stupid but.. what is the difference between Choice of Games and Hosted Games?
    2. When is the memorial scene? i don’t think i have come across it

  40. Dean says:

    Also is there a way to delete save profiles? because i have around 20 saves and i want to get rid of them all

  41. Lobminster says:

    One more beta test I guess, then? Since you’re taking feedback, mind if I throw some more? What about tweaking the custom mission scene even more by adding relationship points to the persons the MC chooses to accompany? I mean, I’ve been constantly putting together Emma, Mindy (my first MC’s girlfriend) and Crone as means to strengthen the notion they are the ones I wanted the MC to stick with by the end of the chapter.

    Saving Hadley would be nice. However, then again, her death by the MC in the end of the first part of the chapter is an extra layer of shock to what I guess is the most desperate moment the MC went through after getting to the cathedral.

    Also, the final meeting with Tom (I went through most of its variations, I guess) little does to reveal what Tom really had in mind. If this is one more loose end to be mended afterwards, however, I understand.

  42. jimd says:

    That’s a good point — adding relationship for missions with Mindy, Emma, etc.

    Saving Hadley may or may not be an option. It’s an item on my list of features readers have requested.

    I can’t comment about Tom just yet.

  43. Bob says:

    There’s a bug when I come back to the cathedral, after the event with Uncle Lou’s truck. There’s no “continue” button.

    line 4238: invalid indent, expected 8, was 7

    I don’t exactly remember my choices, but I’m pretty sure I talked to Mindy.

    “No thanks. You need rest as much as I do. Besides, I couldn’t sleep now if I tried.”

    She leans through the window and looks through the scope on her rifle and then stands back and takes several deep breaths. A line of blood seeps from a bandage on her forearm, and she applies pressure on the damp, red gauze.

    “I know you’re tired, but how’s your mood in general?”

    “My mood?”

    “Well I heard you were upset, nervous.”

    Mindy lifts the rifle again and peers through the scope. She squints through one eye and adjusts the front lens.

    “Who told you that?”

    “Tom. He said he spoke with you the other day, that you were stressed, maybe even suicidal. I didn’t think it was true, but he was convincing. Said you and Uncle Lou may even head out for the Exodus Truck and never come back.”

  44. Lobminster says:

    On the newly designed chapter 3, there’s a problem when assigning survivors to strategically protect the sanctuary. After I assigned Mindy and Emma the game concluded assignments and automatically set the positions for the other survivors. Besides, both Tom and River are listed as being there (on that case, Tom had died by River’s hand on the scene before).

  45. Jerred Manns says:

    Shit just got real. FAST. I’m in a realationship with Heather but in the beta test I still killed Tom. But when you speak to Heather she wants you to go ask Tom if he did intentionally try to kill you. But I cant! I killed Tom. And if Heather finds out she’ll hate me! But u know what? I dont care. That bastard tried to kill me so I killed him. VENGEANCE

  46. Lobminster says:

    Oh, the whole presented beta Part V is surely the top of the crop. I mean, Part IV got the mission hub (which is indescribably cool) and lots of meaningful events to the plot. Part V, although (by beta) a little shorter (am trying to consider post-chapter 3, too), is the one wrapping things up… and it is awesome. In my opinion, you’ve completely succeeded in passing along the feeling of being the Cathedral’s leader. And, for sure, Chapter 3 is the most intense quest the MC has gone through, till now. Tough 10 miles just to get to the Cathedral and realize everyone have been going through a messy day… shocking and awesome. All the possible confrontations with Tom are thrilling. The scene on the tower is very well done (Tom is such a pain) and the possibility of threatening Tom (instead of shooting him) amidst the circle of survivors was very satisfactory. I don’t feel like commenting on past that, because it feels like the scene to protect the Sanctuary is still fairly incomplete. There’s still the issue of Tom and River both appearing alive and together. Also, on the scene with Mindy regarding the bullet pendant, she actually says “You still have it” and kisses the MC, but the next scene starts with “As your words die out…”, making it feel a bit off (maybe we could be presented a few choices on what to answer Mindy (it would certainly feel as a reward, for managing to get the Pendant back then)). This actual chap 3 is a nice improvement from the first Chapter 3 final part, though. I mean, I like to see the game thin the survivor numbers by itself, but choosing between Mindy and Heather really made it feel like a desperate situation. Not that it is not a desperate situation, by any chance, but it makes me wonder, if the Cathedral doesn’t appear as a fairly defensible place it may lead players to constantly choose to leave it instead of considering staying and fortifying.

    • jimd says:

      Part 5 may seem shorter but there is a ton of replay value. That’s what I was hoping to achieve. I am working on the errors you mention and appreciate your feedback, as always.

  47. DarkshadowDS says:

    when you are doing new charcters can the old group meet the new group? and you can try to kill them or flee or join please that would be nice twist.

  48. playa says:

    The link above is not letting me access Part V Beta? It is not presented as an option, and when I try to restore my savegame from Part IV it tells me that the adventure is concluded for now. What could be happening?

    Regardless, great game!

  49. Soilder_Ray says:

    Hey man I’m probably a newb compared to everyone eles here, I have only played the game two times but it is amazing!!!! I like this app more than any other on my phone, is there any chance you will definetly add a way to save Hadley? I feel so bad for her ad making her scream In the camp for seeing you was bad. Also I haven’t found a way to get crone when I see te prisoners the options alow me to try to break in but I can’t and I’m playing as a soilder. What do you have to choose to free them? And btw love the game please make the sequel and I think darkshadowDS meant if te characters from your possible new book on ZE could meet up with the characters of the current ZE. I know tere would be a problem with having a name where the MC is if you do meet up with them and if try are a boy or girl but no pressure do whatever’s cool

  50. Soilder_Ray says:

    Sorry lots of miss spelling my phone a bit laggy where I said “ad” at the part of Hadley I mean *and*. Also at the end where I said try I meant they

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