Part 5 Release Scheduled for September, 2013

After discussing the publishing schedule with Choice of Games, it looks like Part 5 will be released in September, 2013.  There is a ton of content I have to add to finish the many story-lines and provide suitable endings. Plus, I have  a considerable number of features to add that have been requested by readers.

I work on Zombie Exodus at least 2-3 hours a day, while still working a full-time job. So hang in there, and hopefully the beta chapters hold you over!

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  1. Bob says:

    how about a winter part i allways thought it would be hard to survive a zombie apocolips in the middle of winter and how about its someones birthday just to make it feel more real

  2. Matthew H says:

    Really disappointing

  3. Shripal says:

    Dear Jim,

    I was surprised when I read that Part V will be over by July 2013. I thought a delay was inevitable, and it seems I was right. There is still a lot you might have to put in.

    Anyways you have made a lovely adventure and I will definitely wait till Sept 2013. Wish you all the best. Hope you can complete your adventure earlier!

  4. latiat1234 says:

    Hey Jim, how about this idea for ZE2. Your characters travels around the states looting for food, hunting and sometimes raid other parties, on vans and cars ?

  5. Moi says:

    Will you get to choose your race?

  6. Pυгpιε Ðяαgøл says:

    No no no no in ZΣ2 they should b trapped in the city!!!!
    Maybe they will turn to raiding other survivor camps when there food runs out….but more zombies,more danger!!! 😉

  7. Shripal says:

    Hey Jim,

    I believe I have a good idea for ZE2. All zombie fiction till date has only has plots that cover surviving the initial outbreak or that humanity conquers the plague. But there has never been anything that talks about the rebuilding of civilization back to where we were before the outbreak. Why don’t you do something about that ?

    Basically the game is about resettling human civilization. Agriculture, arts, sciences, politics, a new republic, technology, education, religion, etc all these things are put emphasis on. You start as a leader of a small village and go to become king/president/leader.

    • Minotardis says:

      There is another game called rebuild 2 which is sort of like that

    • Jonathen says:

      heck no man, that sounds complete boring. Zombie Exodus has thrills and intense moments, building a village! Brah this is ZOMBIE EXODUS, he can make a seperate game about yo weirdo concept, but Zombie Exodus should be strictly about surviving and tactics. Keeping it intense and wanting to flip the chapter. Im sorry, but your idea is worse that getting dog poop stuck to your shoe on a rainy morning.

    • jimd says:

      It’s a good idea but has been done and I am not sure I’d be good at writing it. I enjoy more group-based games of struggling to survive. If I do a ZE2, I want to make it even more of a gritty, dark survival game. Resources are hard to find, ammo is rare, food is difficult to find, bandits are a constant worry. And lots of Zombies.

      I do appreciate the idea, though. I just recognize my own limitations in writing that style of game.

  8. latiat1234 says:

    Maybe in ZE2, you should add kids, to make it more dark and maybe more major (Or less major) chars death. I think it would be cool if we revistited the cities after the zombie exodus event.

  9. jimd says:

    I am going to have much more varied backgrounds in ZE2 and kids may be one option.

  10. Tommy says:

    Do you think you can open up all of the parts so we can play from the beginning?

    • jimd says:

      The arrangement I have with my publisher is such that all parts are only available through the apps. They are working on new ways to publish the game to make it accessible for people who do not own a mobile device or don’t have a credit card.

  11. William says:

    I absolutely enjoyed reading the whole thing! I can’t wait for the rest of chapter 5!

  12. Gabby says:

    There needs to be options for romances with the guys. I’m a girl playing and it seems you can only have relationships with mindy and heather ? that kind of bugged me. Other than that I loved it. Keep up the good work !

  13. Shripal says:

    Hey Jim,

    September is here! We cannot wait for Part V. It’s awesome so far!!!

  14. Titus says:

    Hey Jim,
    I was thinking that we should be able to choose some weapons at the military depot so we have more variety in weapons we can use on missions.

  15. Augustus says:

    How about Zombie Exodus: The Path of Carl
    or is that too geeky

  16. Anthony says:

    I’m really sad about ZE ending, it is the greatest game ever. I am looking forward to ZE2 so I can live through another one of these great stories.

  17. Raé says:

    Personally, I would’ve gone back to the oil rig and stayed there. If there were only thirty or less zombies, you could camp out and snipe the zombies. After they’re dead, you have a pretty safe area in the middle of the ocean, your only real concern would be the weather. The survivors could easily rig fishing equipment together and fish. I’m surprised no one else mentioned that place lol

  18. Anthony says:

    Was there something going on between Javier and Emma? I remember how uncle Lou said that Javier only went out alone or with Emma.

  19. Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    -_- Is it possible to play WITHOUT downloading anything? Like just doing it online or something like we used to?

  20. Daniel says:

    Will we get a sold relase date soon?

    • jimd says:

      Yes, it should be out fairly soon but I have no solid release date yet. Once I know the dates, I will post it here. I have added a ton of new content since the last beta test which is why Part 5 has been delayed.

  21. Ammy says:

    Hello Jim, I was wondering if you’ve decided on what the price is going to be? Also how large is chapter five compared to the other chapters? I’ve played up to the Lou incident. Would you say that’s around 2/3 through the complete game? Sorry for all the questions it’s just that I really like the game and I’m curious. (✿◠‿◠)

    • jimd says:

      I believe it will be $0.99 in the US. Choice of Games also suggested raising the Chrome app by the same amount. Parts 3 and 4 are around 200,000 words of code (60,000 pure text). Part 5 is around the same as either part. It may seem shorter because there are fewer chapters but Part 5 has the most replay value of any CYOA I have ever seen. I am 100% sure of that.

  22. Ammy says:

    Thank you for answering my questions. ZE is one of the most entertaining and well thought out cyoa games I’ve ever played. I’m looking forward to playing it again and seeing all the different endings. (✿^‿^)

  23. Anthony says:

    Hey Jim I was wondering when ZE part 5 is comin out.

    Also check this out guys

    De Bello Lemures

  24. Tushar says:

    Dear Jim,
    Since everybody is pitching ideas for ZE2, I think I’ll give it a shot. How about they realize that these zombies are not exactly wild, but are being necessarily already from a particular location? Kind of like a rich ass private company is running tests on the earth. Maybe even controlling them. Maybe their headquarters could be in a little island in the Pacific or Atlantic (my idea is in the titanic), and the security there is 15 ft. huge muscular zombies who run like Bolt.

  25. Anthony says:

    I was reading the forums for another game and found this comment by a moderator.

    So so. Some spelling errors. No true romantic options from my experience so far but longer than I expected. Should hold you over until chapter 5 of Zombie Exodus.

    Clearly ZE is the best game out there.

  26. Johannes says:

    Hey, Jim, we’re running out of september!

  27. Josh Wong says:

    I hope it’s coming out tmrw as it’s already the 29th if Sept! 🙂

  28. zombie junkie says:

    I’m having withdrawals.

  29. Ben says:

    Awesome stuff!

    Cant wait to get my hands on this one!

  30. Bill says:

    What’s the status for 5 it’s October now?

  31. Bob says:

    Take your time, I know it’s already October but I’d rather have a nice, polished game rather than a rushed job.

  32. Daniel says:

    I feel that it is close to being released…

  33. Justin says:

    It better be. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

  34. jimd says:

    The files for Part 5 have gone to Choice of Games, the publisher. They have a long queue of games, but it should be out soon. After they finish implementing Part 5, the content goes to Chrome Webstore, Android app stores and iTunes which each take time to release. I really do apologize for the delay.

  35. Fantem says:

    They might be waiting till Friday to release this so they can increase the amount of buyers.

  36. Fantem says:

    Choice of Games, obviously, not jimd.

  37. Joel says:

    Any chance that Thomas’s parents( from escape) are
    alive ?

  38. sugarballs says:

    Loving the book so far man. Hopefully part 5 will be out soon so I can continue. Is this the final instalment?

  39. Blackie says:

    Nice game, but a few considerable suggestions:

    When you pick a choice to use a weapon e.g smg, you shod provid options like spray or burst fire, or melee attack. When it said pick your weapon of choice to kill a zombie, I was abit disappointed that you can’t decide the way you kill it. I wanted to go bare handed, smash the zombies face into the pavement or wall.

    I knew that were tactics like telling the group what to do, but individually there should be more options and detailed ones to match the reader’s preference of choice by closest.

    Add Molotov cocktails cause Tom drinks too much. ( it’s a joke :D)

    There should be options where you can be romantic or flirt or abuse people when optional or best suited or by choice. Personally I really wanted to deepen my relationship with Emma.

    Options and moves:
    There should be more options like:

    Wait in cover to
    Wait in cover with you weapon ready

    I was just giving you suggestions for maybe a better chapters and parts in the future.

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