Announcing Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

Announcing Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

The next interactive story I am working on is a companion ZE entitled, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. Taking place at the same time as the events of ZE, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven will feature all new characters in a new area of the United States.

Here are some features planned so far:

  • New and reworked attributes: strength, dexterity, agility, stamina, charisma, intellect, willpower, perception.
  • 20 professions. Pick from old favorites (Scientist, Athlete, Soldier) or new ones (Homemaker, Teenager, Doctor, Criminal).
  • 18 skills, including crafting, scavenging, stealth, and survival. Each skill has 5 ranks.
  • Physical and mental resource stats, such as Mental Health and Fatigue.
  • An optional Weakness, such as a physical disability, phobia, or addiction.
  • Play through Day 0 of the Zombie Apocalypse. Survive the first week as the infection spreads, scavenging through such locations as a pharmacy, camping store, military base, and hospital.

Twelve chapters are planned in one app (no parts).

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44 Responses to Announcing Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

  1. MDM says:

    I can not wait!!! Big fan of ZE! By far my favorite app ever!!!

  2. Bryan says:

    This makes part V evwn more exciting. Im extremely excited for this new story!!!HUGE ZE FAN… book/app i have by far and away!!!

  3. Natalie says:

    Jim, you are crazy ambitious. I can’t wait 🙂

  4. Hunter says:

    Well that’s cool and all but…. When is part v coming out?

  5. Eva says:

    I love your game! Keep it up! Your ambition is too hot 🙂

  6. Eva says:

    Your game is one of the best interactive games in CoG! Keep it up! Your ambition is too hot 🙂

  7. Dustin says:

    You got me squealing here! I am certain your experience and growth with Zombie Exodus will mean that Safe Haven will be even more enjoyable :D.

    Or is that too much pressure? 😛

  8. Hunter says:

    Awesome thanks!

  9. Josh says:

    Cool can’t wait for this new game sounds awesome.
    Also interested to see what kind of people are about to be introduced (hopefully a girl next door type of romantic option aye 😉

  10. Aufidius Dento says:

    can you add more guns like m16s, glocks, m1911, and other guns because it seems we dont have too many choices, like if you are scavenging you can find them

  11. Alana says:

    sounds so exciting! I think combat medic, social worker, and movie star are awesome choices! Teenager and homemaker as well! Will the homemaker have their family members/kids be a big part of the story? Anyways wow this sounds incredible.

  12. jPaul22 says:

    Hey Jim awesome games you got here, my fave choice of game series. Anyways i wanted to know how much will this cost hopefully its free! Thanks for your time
    -John Paul

    • jimd says:

      Thanks. There will be a charge but most likely in the $2-4 range. This guy will take hundreds of hours of work and cost me money to make, so some cost is fair. I will offer free beta tests, so if you keep track of this page or Facebook or Twitter, you can find out when the betas are open.

  13. jPaul22 says:

    One more thing, it would be really cool if you could choose your age, if your married, have kids, Have sibilings and beinng able to name them of course! And also to find some easter eggs from the other chapters (The Cathedral ones) Like finding Javier in the depot (if you left him) and even the cathedral, im also excited for episode V, (Heres a little tip:Lower the price or even make free Episode 5 cause we waited a pretty long time, lol)

  14. Ammy says:

    Hi Jim 🙂 I’m super excited about chapter 5 being released soon. The 12 chapters of Ze:Safe Haven being planned in one app, does that mean that you will be releasing them all at once on the app store? And for the optional phobia, disability, or addiction will that be something you have from the outset of your own choosing or something you develop as the game goes on?

    • jimd says:

      Yes, I will be releasing the entire app in one release, most likely a year from now. But I will post open beta chapters for free, hopefully once per month.

      As far as phobias, addictions, etc., they will be chosen at the start of the game.

  15. Johannes says:

    Well, it seems I’m going to have to be the one that asks if there is going to be any romance?

  16. Johannes says:

    Sweet, but about how far in will all be revealed? Are there some that are findable just of the start and some real late?

  17. Ammy says:

    Hi, I checked out the new stat screen which by the way is very cool:) I wondered if maybe I could suggest something? Everything on the personality scales is pretty much opposite of its opposing stat, except for brave-cautious. What do you think about using reckless-cautious or impulsive-cautious? Also are you going to add extra in app purchases in the game? Like a perfect guide, special character, weapon, or location/scene? Thank you for answering my questions. ^_^

    • Johannes says:

      I agree with the above speaker. You don’t have to be a coward to be cautious.

    • jimd says:

      I agree that brave-cautious doesn’t work. I am changing it to reckless-cautious. How about the others — do they work?

      The only IAP I would consider is extra content. I don’t think it is fair to charge people for higher stats or special weapons or such. I would consider adding new missions and a side story for a small charge.

  18. Ammy says:

    Reckless-Cautious, Generous-Selfish, and Humane-Callous are perfect scales the more you become one the less you are of the other. For Humane-Callous though you could maybe use Compassionate-Callous. Humane seems a bit clinical compassionate gives off a warmer tone. For Courageous-Self preserving maybe it could be split up to Courageous-Timid/Fainthearted and Self sacrificing-Self preserving? Whatever you choose will surely be awesome 🙂 What do you think of these suggestions?

  19. Tony Montana says:

    GREAT, I love ZE 😀

  20. Ammy says:

    Would you mind answering a few more questions? I’m always full of them XD lol. Will there be achievements in Safe Haven? Will the artist from the first game be doing the art in safe haven too? As always, I appreciate your taking time to answer my questions 🙂

    • jimd says:

      I’m happy to answer questions. Yes there will be achievements in Safe Haven. No, the artist from the first game is in school full-time and won’t be able to work on new art. But I may hire someone else.

  21. Johannes says:

    I once again agree with Ammy, however, I think you should keep humane, it just kind of fits better on the screen.

  22. Joshua says:

    Hey Mr.Jim! I just finished Chapter V of Zombie Exodus and I loved the entire game. For Safe Haven I think a neat option for the romance side of things would be to have the option still open even if you turn down a potential lover at first. I made that mistake with Mindy and didnt have the chance to get her again.

  23. CS Ewens says:

    Hello, just wanted to say I am a huge fan! I just recently downloaded choicescript and am a fledgling writer. Your work has inspired me tremendously. It isn’t just the best choice of game; it’s a masterpiece. A more truly immersive, poignant piece of literature I have seldom seen. You sir are a genius, and i will continue to support any and all of your future literary endeavors. Keep up the good work, friend! I absolutely can’t wait for Safe Haven. WOOOO.

  24. Rivers says:

    Hey due just wanted to say I love your work and am really looking forward to Safe Haven, it sounds epic. Can I suggest for your next piece of work that if there is a situation where you have to choose what your character does throughout the week could you be more specific in how many actions your character is able to do. For example only after I read the walkthroughs did I realise that each week you can perform one mission, one cathedral/skill upgrade and infinite social interactions hence I missed out in my first play through cos I figured you could only do one of the available options so I always just did a mission.

  25. JTAL says:

    Through about pets – they can help keep morale up, keep pests in check and, to some extent, serve as a warning system (dogs and cats alike waking people when a fire starts etc, and of course zombies!).

    Dogs and cats are of course obvious choices, long since domesticated (more or less, ha!) and fairly reliable as to not turn on you unlike most other animals.

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