Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Open Beta begins

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is now online for open beta. The testing period consists of roughly monthly updates, with new missions and chapters. This is an ongoing beta as development progresses.

So far, the beta provides character customization and the start of chapter 1.

Please read the release notes on the first screen.

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71 Responses to Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Open Beta begins

  1. Joel says:

    Just a question, will you have pets in the game?

  2. Paul says:

    Don’t know where you want bug reports, sorry if this is the wrong place. Choosing a profession and then saying you want to change your profession takes you back to the menu of “Take the magazine quiz / My profession already tells me…”. If you then choose “take the quiz” after you’ve already taken the quiz, it asks you to pick your 9th and 10th best attributes then bugs out. Saying you want to change your profession should probably just take you straight to the profession selection screen. Cheers!

  3. Paul says:

    Didn’t say before, I’m loving the L5R-style character setup, especially the flaws. But I can think of a few worse flaws than the ones you have here. Especially for criminals, movie stars and (ahem) teachers…

  4. Romulus says:

    I don’t thing it is accurate how in the stats it says cautious/courageous it should be more like reckless/courageous.

  5. Romulus says:

    I mean reckless/cautious

  6. ZombieKiller says:

    Hey Jim, so will we be able to have a wolf as a companion yet and can u add a way to fight shirtless? My guys an MMA fighter.

  7. Jerred says:

    Hey Jim, so will a wolf be a choice for a companion yet and will u add a chance to actually fight Shirtless? My guys an MMA fighter so yeah.

  8. Jerred says:

    So is a wolf a possible companion and will there be a way to actually fight Shirtless?

    • jimd says:

      Yes I’ll add a way to fight Shirtless. Only a dog and cat will be included. You can choose name and breed of dog and cat, though breed will have limits. I need to give personalities and traits, and giving an open-ended option is not realistic.

  9. Jerred says:

    Sorry for repeating those comments, idk wat happened they weren’t on my screen for some reason. Anyway thanks and i get the unrealistic part. I agree and thanks for keeping ze realistic and not over the top like other games. And one more thing, wat breeds will u add? An Akita would be awesome.

  10. Elsi says:

    I’m loving the initial character set up so far. I really, really like the disabilities because it adds a whole new level of realism. I’ve already gone through quite a few of the scenarios and so far everything looks really great. I especially love the Con Artist scene with Garrett. Im really looking forward to seeing the full game once its primed and ready. Any ideas yet of what breeds the dogs/cats will be?

  11. Jerred says:

    Will there be more options to fist fight people?

  12. Nick says:

    Just a quick question. I played as a college student and after the movie date I met with a girl for coffee or something, and all of a sudden I was some hacker. Was this supposed to happen? I didn’t really want my college kid to be a hacker, just an average guy. Either than that it’s a good game so far. Can’t wait till it’s released. Looking forward to the rest of the teen story.

  13. Jerred says:

    Hey Jim, so will ZE Safe Haven be shorter longer or same length as ZE1?

  14. Jace says:

    Wow, this looks incredible. I love the level of detail and the sheer amount of choices and customizations for your character!

    Out of curiosity, do you plan on the character’s profession continue to play a role in dialogue and storyline later on, as opposed to simply stats? For instance, will the fact that someone’s a cop/criminal/what have you continue to be remarked upon?

  15. Kyle says:

    Do you know when you will release this game?

  16. Jerred says:

    So will safe haven be shorter or longer than ze1?

  17. JAB says:

    Can you add different branches of military under soldier with their own specialties in certain areas EX: Airforce soldier has a stat increase in electronics maybe? And maybe also add different forms of police EX: K-9 unit you could start off with a dog that you have a historu with

    • jimd says:

      I may have the dog as part of a K-9 unit; that’s a great idea. Otherwise, I don’t think I am adding anymore customization. I already have so many options, it makes coding difficult.

  18. JAB says:

    Let me correct that comment i made before for instance an airforce pilot could have a driving increase if your putting flying vehicles under driving as well that is

  19. JAB says:

    maybe an addiction to illegal drugs?

  20. JAB says:

    I hope youll have German Shepherd as a breed choice

  21. Courtney says:

    When will more of the first chapter be ready?

  22. Jerred says:

    Will a pitbull be a breed?

  23. Brian says:

    Love it so far, Just one question, I’m taking it we can be good or bad or anywhere in between(same as the last one), will we be able to become a full blown villain protagonist like the governor (from the walking dead comics) type of character. Either way can’t wait to play the full game.

  24. Jerred says:

    Im gonna fistfight every villian in the game!

  25. Jerred says:

    How will create a profession work?

  26. Jerred says:

    Scratch that last question. I hope pitbull will be a breed.

  27. JAB says:

    Any ideas of what kinda dog breeds will be in then?

  28. Rivers says:

    Just out of curiosity what will cats bring to the table as a pet? While I personally am a cat lover i fail to see what use they would be in a zombie apocalypse. (Still won’t stop me having a cat as a pet though when I play the full game!!!)

  29. Rivers says:

    Oh that’s good. No matter what I go through Mr Snuggles will always be there for me =)

  30. Jab says:

    Im interested to see what kinda surprises are in for my bank robber 🙂 new favorite profession cant wait to see some of the dialogue, choices etc

  31. JAB says:

    Is husky going to be a breed?

  32. Jerred says:

    Can’t wait for teen background!

  33. JAB says:

    Could PTSD be an added challenge?

  34. John says:

    What about OCD as a challenge?

    • jimd says:

      I am not adding any more Challenges but may add perks later. I do add all of the suggested new challenges to a wish list in case i have time to add more.

  35. JAB says:

    How about Girlfriend/Boyfriend for a perk. Brother/Sister as perk. Daredevil/Adrenaline Junkie as perk.

  36. denard says:

    Suggestion- If we get to lead a group of survivors towards the end, like we did with the cathedral, could you give us more time before the game ends. I only got to choose what the cathedral’s residents are going to do twice before having to make the huge decision of either leaving or staying.

    • jimd says:

      In ZE, you are faced with the decision due to the coming zombie horde, so time is not on your side. I’ll try to make it more reasonable in Safe Haven.

  37. TsunRodent says:

    On the teenager profession, would it not be more reasonable for the dependent child to be a younger sibling rather than a nephew? There’s not many people who would leave their child with their teenage brother/sister rather than their adult parents. Though, if you’d rather stick with nephew, there’s mention of the teenage protagonist being back in the home they grew up in. It’s a bit misplaced for a teenager to reminiscence about home when they haven’t reached the age to leave home.

    Additionally, since it’s a profession, it may be better to list it as Highschool Student rather than Teenager.

    • jimd says:

      The concept for all professions is for your sister to be living elsewhere so the home is not your own with all of your normal gear and items. In this way, everyone starts equally. So I need to tweak the teenager background to explain things a bit, though my thought is the responsible teenager goes home to help his sister, having moved with the parents elsewhere.

      I like Teenager over High school student since readers asked for a teenager option and seem to identify more with that title. I did change it to Professions & Backgrounds.

      Thanks for the great suggestions.

  38. ThatGuy says:

    Do You Know When ZE: Safe Haven Will Be Available ?

  39. kebarton says:

    I guess I’m too late to suggest three new new challenges. What I wanted to suggest was 1.dwarfism 2. Gigantism 3. Albino or albiniod

    Dwarfism- as a challenge would make it difficult for the player to get to high places, run away quickly, and debatably make combat mor difficult at close range. Though it would also allow the character to hide easier, debatably make combat easier, and you might have an empathy

    Gigantism- as a challenge would make it more difficult to sneak around, hide behind cover, plus the character could have circulatory or skeletal health issues, on the plus side you would have a bonus for intimadation, combat would be easier, you could be stronger then most people.

    Albinism/albiniod- as a challenge would make your character sensitive to sunlight, this can result in easy to get sun burns and in the long run skin cancer, as well as visual impairment, it would make hiding more difficult because this would cause your hair to be Snow White and your eyes to be red or purple.
    I think these would make interesting challenges because in most zombie games and movies they work from the angle that every will be normal. Which everyone’s not. But at the same time I can see why Jim wouldn’t want to do this. He have to change and add a lot of stuff for these to fit in the game.

  40. DCC says:

    Playing as a female military commander. The two officers refer to your character as “Sir”. The proper form of address for a female officer in the military is “Ma’am”…

    For future reference… In the Navy, sailors beneath the rank of officer are referred to as Mr. or Miss. And NCOs are only referred to by their rank, they are never addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

  41. Volchelkin says:

    Will this be available in Ireland on the Chrome Web Store? I loved the first three chapters of the first game, but I wasn’t able to buy the 4th and 5th chapter because it simply said, “Price not available.” I’m not sure if this happens to others, though. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to seeing how Safe Haven turns out.

  42. Borruso13 says:

    I know its kind of late for this but maybe you could add an American Staffordshire Terrier as a breed of dog theyre very athleticly strong dogs and very loyal my first dog whom I grew up with for 11 years till she passed was very gentle but also protective

  43. Simba112 says:

    Multiple questions:

    Will our choice of background have any effect on pet selection? For example, if we are a police officer and choose German Shepard would he be part of a K-9 unit, or if we are a solider and have a Shepard (or other dog) would he have some sort of training? Furthermore, will all pets have undergone the same training regardless of background? (I.E. homemakers dog has same training and skills as police officers dog?)

    Is where we choose to start going to have an impact on available opportunities? For example, the survival stat sounds great for living in woods, but if you choose to start in the big city, it seems less likely you will arrive there. I guess what I’m asking is, will our choice of starting location render some skills useless?

    Choosing a pet as a challenge gives you no skill points. Is this intentional?

    “In the medicine cabinet, you find an unopened first-aid kit and two boxes of bandages.” I feel like this check should be lowered a little bit, as they are very common things in households.

    Multiple inventory bugs, such as saying I have a glock, tactical shotgun or m1911 pistol in inventory yet unable to use them.

    Will our choice of background allow us exclusive weapons, etc when making selections?

    Will ammo play a role in this game? For example, the AR-15 says ammo is plentiful, where as I assume magnum ammo would be more scarce.

    When choosing if we want sleeping bag, canteen, etc, can we have the option to look through them before making a selection like with weapons?

    “Your neighbor asked you to work on his old Ford truck’s engine” will our neighbor comment on this if we ring them?

    “Your hands shake as you close the door and cross to the center of your home.” “You sit at the desk in the living room and turn on your sister’s PC.” Do we live together? Is this her house? Does that make it her pet?

    Does anyone else think that the infantry solider should have at least a one in leadership? “A sergeant first class is typically assigned as a platoon sergeant at the company level or battalion operations noncommissioned officer in charge at the battalion level…. In a combat arms role, a sergeant first class is typically in charge of from 18 soldiers and four tanks in an armor platoon to 40 soldiers in a rifle platoon…. With today’s operations tempo, a sergeant first class may fill the role of platoon leader if no suitable commissioned officer is available.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergeant_first_class)

    • jimd says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope I answered all of your questions…

      Background/profession will not affect pet options. I may offer some options for advanced training of pets as you suggest. As far as skill points for pet owners, having a pet offers some rewards, while most other challenges only provide drawbacks. I tried to balance all challenges, and pet owners don’t benefit from a skill bonus.

      Your starting location will affect availability of places to go later in the story. For example, if you live in the country, you will have access to a doomsday prepper’s home, though characters starting in the city or suburbs will not have that option.

      I’ll look at balancing the medicine cabinet items.

      I’ll work on the bugs for inventory items.

      Skills affect weapon choices. Since skills are largely based on professions at the start, they affect weapon choices.

      Ammo will be a true/false item. If you have a shotgun, you need ammo for it. I don’t track individual bullets remaining but will have situations where ammo runs out and you’ll need to find more.

      With camping gear, I can add a way to re-pick after the description.

      As far as the mention of the old Ford truck with mechanic’s tools, I should give more details since it isn’t going to be any neighbor you meet.

      I made some changes to the story related to your sister (she only is mentioned if you have a nephew). I did not catch all references to her in the last edit.

      With intro skills for each profession, my plan is to finish chapter 1 and then go back and rebalance all professions. I have a note to check soldiers for such issues as leadership.

      • Simba112 says:

        Hi JimD

        Thanks for getting back to me.

        Loved the new update and the interaction will Jill and Lyle. Will we be seeing them again?

        Something I came across that seems unbalanced is the amount of skill needed to acquire a ranged weapon. It requires 70+ skill, where as most others require 40-50+ (I think the second highest check is 55). Will this be addressed?

        • jimd says:

          Sorry I missed responding to this. Jillian and Lyle will certainly be returning if you kicked them out.

          As far as skills go, it’s easy to get 70+ skill in ranged. I keep track of average and median skills so a 70 skill is just as balanced as 40+ in unarmed. I basically want 1/3 of the readers too “succeed” on a skill check, so I look at how many characters have a score at that level.

  44. Little Mac says:

    during the teenager playthrough you go to a house party and there is an option to try and hook-up with Madison. But apparently you cant find her when the shit hits the fan. I was wondering if this would be brought up later or if she would return and become a love interest. Great job so far by the way, I’m a HUGE fan of your work 🙂

  45. Coldie75 says:

    This seems really nice so far, I really enjoyed zombie exodus, and this seems even better!

    There are a lot of customization options, but I was wondering if age was planned to be considered?

  46. Borruso13 says:

    first I want to say I love what your doing the first ZE was great and this one is already looking amazing. Do you think there would be a chance you would go back and possibly create an Anti-social personality disorder? and would you ever think about making a choice in what vehicle you start with? great Job JimD

  47. Ghost says:

    So I went through all the hubba hubba to ask one thing. Or well, ask a couple things.
    1: Is this still being worked on?
    2: If it is still being worked on, when will it release?
    3: If its already released then where can I get it? I don’t see it on the app store.

    Also, your doing a great job at this

  48. Jacob says:

    Is this still a thing, or did it die, shame if it did die, it was a great beta and was very promising

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