Part 5 Walkthrough, Chapter 1

This walkthrough provides the best route through Part 5: Resolution to stay alive and earn the best stats. Many routes are possible to the end, and I encourage you to try them all. Sections of the game that are optional will not be included in this walkthrough.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, I’ll use the most common character type, a high-dexterity soldier. The group consists of Emma, Heather, Tom, Candace, Uncle Lou, Mindy, River, Devlin, Eugene and Jason. Badger is in the Cathedral as well.

Name: Mark Miller
Profession: Soldier
Gender: male
Strength: 20
Dexterity: 35
Intelligence: 20
Technical: 15
Will: 10
Charisma: 10

Humanity: 70%
Morale: 35%
Allegiance: 60%

Chapter 1

The start of Part 5, chapter 1 has you dealing with the aftermath of the zombie attack on the Cathedral. The first major choice has you selecting a speech to say to your group who survived the zombie attack. Choose I try to raise the group’s spirits with encouraging words for the best increases to allegiance and morale.

Next, you have to deal with the fact you let Badger take refuge in the Cathedral during the Badger is part of our group now. While you take a slight hit to group morale, Badger is useful in the next few chapters.

Then, you are presented with the chore of assigning survivors to various tasks around the Cathedral. Follow chart A to assign survivors to optimal tasks.

Note: the number of people you assign to boarding up the entrance to the Cathedral must go up the lower your Cathedral Defense score.

  • Cathedral defense of 60 or greater = 2 survivors (or 0 if you are a Carpenter or Tom is assigned)
  • Cathedral defense of 45 to 59 = 4 survivors (or 2 if you are a Carpenter or Tom is assigned)
  • Cathedral defense of 44 or lower = doesn’t matter, but assigning 5 or more improves Cathedral defense and allegiance

Chart A

Mindy Board up the entrance to the Cathedral.
Emma Remove the bodies of the dead.
Uncle Lou Board up the entrance to the Cathedral.
Tom Board up the entrance to the Cathedral.
Jason Remove the bodies of the dead.
Candace Remove the bodies of the dead.
Heather Board up the entrance to the Cathedral.
Devlin Board up the entrance to the Cathedral.
Eugene Rest.
River Secure the entrance through the Alcove.
Badger Remove the bodies of the dead.

Following task assignments, you supervise the work, moving through each task.

At the end of the day, you move into an office. While setting up your new office, a procession of zombies in religious garb walks past. To survive, choose I stay still in the hope he continues past the office, followed by Follow the zombie cardinal, nuns, and altar boy as they proceed to the Gathering. What follow is a short sequence in which you run to the Sanctuary and get help from fellow survivors to kill the zombies.

To investigate how the zombies got inside the Cathedral, the survivors suggest a search of a back, secluded area. When asked by Tom to accompany you, choose, I’d rather go alone, Tom.

Following your search, you share your findings with the survivors. Choose The explosion during the raider attack must have created a hole allowing trapped zombies to escape.

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4 Responses to Part 5 Walkthrough, Chapter 1

  1. Aljay says:

    What effect do morale and allegiance have?

  2. Ava Adore says:

    Part V is, without a doubt, the best conclusion to a story I have ever read.
    Ending 5 is frustrating because there is no way to change the outcome, but it is nothing short of jaw-dropping. I love it!!

    It is a little frustrating (or just sheer laziness on my part) that there are no Group Offense/Cathedral Defense stats in Part V and I have to keep going back to the end of Part IV to remind myself what my stats were so I can decide who, and how many, to assign to repairing the Cathedral doors. It is just laziness, but I have so many saved characters from Part IV.

    I have taken the path up the cliff face to get away from the zombie that’s tracking me and found the fresh water, but I usually go on the road for a clear line of sight. The time I did go to the cave, I thought it would be nice to find it was River and Starr’s old dwelling and the father and son help you out if you let them live in Part IV.

    I love Part V and I am always reading it. Still finding new content every time I do.
    Strike that. I love ALL of it!

    • jimd says:

      I am actually putting in a fix soon for the missing Group Offense/Cathedral Defenses stats. I am surprised that error made it through testing.

      Thanks for all of your kind words and I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

      • Ava Adore says:

        Good to know. It will also help with if I am trying to get a certain ending; are my defences strong enough to stay at the Cathedral?

        Enjoyed the game? I’m STILL enjoying it!
        I find I like Jason’s character more with every play-through. He’s a misunderstood nerd. I can relate 🙂

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