Part 5 Walkthrough, Chapter 2

This chapter allows you to visit with each survivor and discuss topics related to life at the Cathedral, your role as leader, and plans for dealing with Zombie Exodus and the apocalypse.

Speaking with a survivor provides the opportunity to assign them tasks around the Cathedral, improves relationship score with them.

For tasks, below is a list of minimum number of survivors for the optimal reward. If you followed the chapter 1 walkthrough, you do not need to assign anyone to removing the dead from the Cathedral or securing the Sacred Alcove, since those tasks are complete.

Chart B

Clear the Cathedral of the dead 3
Watch duty 2 (assign Uncle Lou as one of the 2)
Boarding the Cathedral’s entrance 3
Finding Food 2
Finding Fuel 3
Repairing Sacred Alcove (if still needed) 2 (or only assign Tom, River, or Crone)

For the most part, you can choose any task for yourself. If you are a Carpenter, repairing the Cathedral or Sacred Alcove provides a bonus.

The rest of this chapter involves dialogue where you learn more about each survivor. There is no right or wrong path, so just enjoy.

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