Part 5 Walkthrough, Chapter 3

This is the part 5 walkthrough, covering chapter 3. This scene follows your trip with Uncle Lou to search for an “Exodus Truck” he hopes to use to relocate the group.

You start off in a dream. The first choice only provides insight into your character, so choose whichever option most fits your play-style.

Tom visits you to ensure you go on the trip with Uncle Lou. You will go on the trip, so just agree to it to begin the next stage.

Prior to your trip with Uncle Lou, you head to the supply room to gear up. Later, tragedy strikes on the road to the destination, and many items are lost, so choose the following: Revolver, knife, flashlight, and multi-tool.

Heading out on your trip, note Tom’s movements and actions around the van. Suspicious much?

Your van ride with Uncle Lou starts off well with some good old bonding time. When he asks about your reasons for going on the trip, answer, I’d rather be at the Cathedral, but frankly, Tom begged me to go. Uncle Lou responds with intriguing information.

Tragedy strikes! At this stage, an accident occurs, and the van plummets into a lake. Uncle Lou cannot be saved. In the submerging vehicle, you have few options but the best is I kick out the passenger window and slide out. You make it to the side of the embankment and can choose I check the front of the van. Maybe I can find out what caused our brakes to fail. Once in the water, choose Maybe I can find out what caused our brakes to fail. You are given a clue as to what may have caused the van’s accident. Do not attempt to get gear from the van as it leads to death.

As you walk back to the Cathedral, you find a winding path through the forest. This path may be skipped. Taking the path leads to an encounter with Catherine, a paranoid survivor who you may have learned about in Part 4 in the mission to hunt with Heather. There are no benefits to this section, though it provides food and a shotgun which are not necessary at this stage. If you meet Catherine, comply with her requests, and you will befriend her eventually.

During your walk, you think about the van and the accident and contemplate Tom’s involvement, if you choose, Tom must have cut the brakes on the van. He wanted this to happen, you can confront Tom back at the Cathedral.

Next up, you spot smoke rising through the woods. If you choose, Move toward the smoke and investigate, you come upon a trio of men at a campfire. They will separate, leaving one man, Douglas at the fire, as the others head off to investigate an overturned jeep. Staying behind with Douglas nets you a rifle and food. Moments later, Douglas will walk off into the woods to take care of personal business. Choose Follow him into the woods.

In the next sequence, you come upon a soldier lying on the road, and as you move closer to investigate, he rises as a zombie, simply move on by choosing, Run away before he rises.

You continue your walk to the Cathedral and eventually hear the sounds of a zombie rushing through the woods, choose Continue through the forest at a steady pace. Next, Head toward the mountain range and find a place to hide. You will locate a cave in the mountains and use your flashlight to find fresh water.

Further on you walk and find a camper in the middle of the woods. Search the camper to find some food and drink which helps deal with your hunger and thirst. After searching the camper, you come upon a little girl who has climbed a tree to escape three zombies. You do not have to help the girl (Hadley, who you may have met at the summer camp in Part 4). Feel free to help the girl, but the best option is to Take the backpack and continue on home.

The end of this chapter has several paths, and all lead to a final battle with zombies and the ultimate decision to stay at the Cathedral or leave forever. While there are no right or wrong options, follow these notes to accomplish specific story-driven goals:

To gain information on Tom’s plot: Once back at the Cathedral, choose Where’s Tom?! Followed by I question Tom about my suspicions and finally You don’t want people leaving the Cathedral, so you had to stop us from getting the Exodus Truck.

If you want to stay at the Cathedral, you will need get rid of Tom. Several opportunities come in this chapter, either by confronting him in the tower or during the group meeting when you return.

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8 Responses to Part 5 Walkthrough, Chapter 3

  1. Ava Adore says:

    I know Uncle Lou has to die to further the Tom/MC plot but aarrghh !
    It’s horrible when I play it over again and I read the part where they are getting ready to leave in the van. I actually shout “don’t go. Listen to Devlin!”
    It’s sad, but brilliant.

    The only thing is, in the walkthrough, you mention how Tom’s movements around the van are suspicious. They don’t seem anymore suspicious than Heather’s movements. I’m sure I read in the beta something describing Tom having his head under the hood – which is suspicious in hindsight – but now it says he is helping load the bags into the van.
    Was this changed, or is my memory failing me?

  2. Chesknut says:

    Aw, I really wish you could save Hadley.

  3. Hunter C. says:

    Wow just wanted to say how amazing this game is! I got ending 4, which was pretty satisfying. I can’t wait to go through and focus more on the side plots, mainly getting Devlin and Eugene. Thanks again for making this game, and I’m for sure getting Safe Haven, but what exactly is it about?

    • jimd says:

      Safe Haven will be in the same timeline as ZE but in a different area of the USA with new characters. It will focus on survival through the Outbreak and have a more advanced system and RPG elements.

  4. Noble Six says:

    Can someone please clarify what happened to Heather in Ending 3, i’m a bit confused :/

  5. HolyWolf23 says:

    I’ve played games for so long that it’s rare that I get attached to any character, exept for kids and romantic intrest. So Hadley hit me pretty hard. Anyone under 15 is too young to go. But at least it shows that your a great story writer. One day ,if you get animation gear, you could really start something with this. Or just stick to story writing and try to make a book.

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