Zombie Exodus Achievements

Zombie Exodus has multiple achievements obtained throughout the game for accomplishing various feats, from having a maxed-out Dexterity to becoming best friends with all survivors.

Below is a table listing the possible achievements in Zombie Exodus.

[table id=1 /]


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13 Responses to Zombie Exodus Achievements

  1. Ava Adore says:

    Finally achieved all but one. It is so difficult to complete the game when the aim is to achieve the high dexterity/charisma etc. when you have to sacrifice other skill building opportunities to focus on one specific skill. I died a hundred times!

  2. hikaru.luna says:

    Jim,are you there?if you’re there please reply to this comment.i’m a huge fan of zombie exodus and read it countless times as both male/female(never gay or lesbian)
    And I just wanted to know if you’re still working on improving the game.like romancing with Candace or Jason adding new endings ect. Ect.
    I was really disappointed on my first playthrough to find out Candace is unavailable to romance.Imo,I think the game needs more romance partners and side quest available.maybe a choice between survivors to save or maybe explain why Kelly ditch the group no matter what.Just my opinions,doesn’t mean any offend.

    • jimd says:

      I may eventually update ZE but I’m currently working on two new text games which takes up my writing time.

      Romances with Candace and Jason would be difficult since they have very specific parts in the game. A lot would change with either of them being a romantic partner.

      Kelly ditches the group, because she fears all is lost and can do better on her own.

      If I do have a chance to update the game, side quests are my first priority.

  3. hikaru.luna says:

    Thanks.looking forward for updates.what are those games you’re working on if I may ask.I like to try them

  4. Johnsonx2 says:

    Would it be possible to restart from your last save in an act instead of having to restart from the beginning of an act? A ‘suicide’ pill if you wanted to try something a different way, and didn’t want to have to start the whole act over from your hard save.

    Playing all of act 4 over and over just so I can find the way to get Badger is getting old very fast.

    • jimd says:

      It’s actually difficult with the programming language, not due to complexity but just the overall size of the app. If I add more checkpoints, the whole thing gets much larger in size. For something like Badger, he really just affects Part 5, and you can start with him by choosing him as an option when presented the choice (as Ava said).

      Sorry if that’s not a great answer, but to add such a feature requires trade offs.

  5. Ava Adore says:

    There are save points throughout the game, usually before missions or after you make a choice of significance.

    To allow Badger into the Cathedral, you have choice presented right before the zombie attack: Let the raiders in. Leave them outside.
    If you choose to let them inside, the survivors and the raiders work together to fight off the zombie horde, though Badger’s name will not be mentioned.
    Part 4 ends after this fight scene and you don’t talk to Badger until Part 5.

  6. HolyWolf23 says:

    All I want is to know about the end game description of each ending. I’m not a someone to spend all my time doing this. All I want to do is know. Because I don’t have the faintest idea on how to do most of these endings.

  7. HolyWolf23 says:

    Not to say it isn’t a great game, I just find that exploring EVERY option is too time consuming.

  8. HolyWolf23 says:

    I understand that what I asked is pretty cheap but I’d like a walkthrough for each ending. That’s reasonable.

  9. HolyWolf23 says:

    Thx Jim good to know your still working, can’t wait for more of your work.

  10. jhv051000 says:

    I know it’s been a while on this board, but I discovered this game last week. I’ve been addicted! There is 1 achievement that I can’t see how to get. It’s the weapon master achievement, I have no idea what I’m missing. I’ve found the meat cleaver fire axe and pistol arrow; what else is there?

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