Zombie Exodus Part 2 Play-by-Play

z3cityAs part of my project to write a Zombie Exodus novel based on the game, I am hosting live play-by-play sessions. During these events, anyone can play the game along with me on Facebook and Twitter, and everyone can vote for each choice I make. I record those choices and use them in developing the Zombie Exodus novel.

To make this next event more accessible, please vote in the survey below for when you would be available.

What date & time would you attend?


Sunday, March 7; 12pm to 2pm EST 57.1% (28 of 49)
Monday, March 8; 6pm to 8pm EST 22.4% (11 of 49)
Tuesday, March 9; 7pm to 9pm EST 10.2% (5 of 49)
Wednesday, March 10; 6pm to 8pm EST 10.2% (5 of 49)


So far, players have created Abigail Miller, a female carpenter, who spends her free time at the gym and the shooting range. She carries a backpack and multi-tool, spoke to Jason, and found a revolver in her neighbor’s apartment. She met Mike in the maintenance office and humanely ended his life after he became infected. On the ground floor, she helped Candace and Mindy kill a zombie, and they in turn helped her get past the police officers at the building entrance.

Abigail drove the river road and bypassed military blockades, killed some bandits who were robbing motorists, and avoided a zombiefied park ranger. She met a little girl in a playground, who she tried to help, but the girl disappeared. Finally, Abigail met up with her sister Emma and her sister’s friend, Heather.

Next, we need to figure out how Abigail, Emma, and Heather are getting out of the city.


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  1. qwerty says:

    When is the next play-by-play and voting session? I’m interested in voting. A Zombie Exodus novel seems like an amazing idea.

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