A Wise Use of Time is now available!

wutWhen you freeze time, no one can see you, hear you, or stop you, except, perhaps, a handful of mysterious time controllers like yourself. Every second you steal puts more stress on your body and mind.

Will you bring justice to the mobsters who run rampant in your city? Will you steal from them to provide for those in need? Will you share your power with friends and family? Will you destroy your own powers, or will your powers destroy you first?

Play it through any browser on Choice of Games or download on SteamGoogle Play (Android)iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad),  and Amazon (Android)

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  1. Safton says:

    I looked forward to “A Wise Use of Time” from the moment it was announced, and after having played it, I wasn’t disappointed. Despite having less seat of the pants action than Zombie Exodus, I found myself deeply invested in the story and all of the characters. The writing was solid, the dialogue genuine and believable, and of course there’s so much room to choose different paths. I was really impressed.

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