Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is out now!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven cover art

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven cover art

Zombies rise again at the dawn of Apocalypse! Can you survive the first few days of the zombie outbreak as the dead rise, society collapses, and the living struggle to survive?

“Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven” is a thrilling interactive survival-horror novel by Jim Dattilo, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without animation or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Customize a character using a variety of professions, backgrounds, special challenges, and skills to survive in a brutal and chaotic city as the Zeta virus spreads. Will you be an honorable soldier, searching through neighborhoods to aid survivors? Or will you be a ruthless bandit who loots and robs others for needed supplies? How about a paranoid hacker, psychopathic con artist, pragmatic scientist, or idealistic teenager? Dozens of options allow you to play the character of your choice.

Set in the “Zombie Exodus” world, the first part of “Safe Haven” focuses on the first few days of a viral outbreak which changes the infected into mindless zombies. Explore the changes to society at the start of the pandemic. Board your house, gather supplies, meet over a dozen other characters, and survive encounters with the living dead and even other survivors. Scavenge numerous locations, craft items, and use a variety of skills to survive the many challenges of the apocalypse.

Play it through any browser on Choice of Games or download on Steam, Google Play (Android), iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), and Amazon (Android).

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9 Responses to Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is out now!

  1. BastTheCat says:

    CONTAINS SPOILERS (though fairly minor ones)

    So, I saw that this and had a bit of a fangirl moment, promptly bought it, and since I didn’t have any obligations today, spent a little over seven hours playing through it over and over. I think my favorite run so far has been with my bank robbing beauty, who has a crush on Jamie (and followed up on those feelings during the playthrough). With that in mind, I did have a question – at the end of that run, my character is made aware of Reilly’s feelings for her. Curiosity dictates: will polyamory be a thing with any of the characters (or all of them)? Will there be any potential repercussions from pursuing multiple relationships? I vaguely recall something less than fantastic happening in ZE1 if you pursued Mindy and Heather at the same time.

    Curiosity aside, I’m absolutely loving this (if my borderline obsession wasn’t obvious). I’m really looking forward to the next part and any that come after that.

  2. Natah_Bish says:

    I just finished this amazing game, i just have one question. I left my german sheperd at home when doing the school rescue, when i got home my house was on fire and eventually exploded, the option i choose was to take charge. This made me go in and call my dogs name “tank,” my character metioned feet tapping and no barking, but its still not clear to me if he survived. Can some please help and tell me if he did or not?


    • Natah_Bish says:

      *Spoilers sorry for not saying at the top.*

      • phantom_virus17 says:

        I’m going to do a quick playthrough and find out. I believe if he’s still alive it will show up on the very last screen with alive, in group. If this turns out to be wrong or I find some other way to check I’ll post an update.

        • phantom_virus17 says:

          *Spoilers ahead*

          -Gunfire cries out from down the road, and a quick glance finds the herd of infected drawing closer. They push through the wide street, flowing around trees and parked cars, through low fences and bushes. They move with no resistance, drawn to the fire, destroying all in their path.

          You open the back door for Zeus, and he settles into the seat, though he remains on high alert.

          “Kill any ahead of the pack running at us,” Jaime yells to your companions as he rushes beside your pickup truck. –

          My German Shepherd’s name was Zeus, I left him home and although it’s unclear at first when you search for him in the burning house, on the next page (as shown here) he’s alive and well.

        • phantom_virus17 says:

          Just a typo I noticed when doing a Con Man playthrough. Very last line of this segment.
          Otherwise I cannot wait for the next Chapter!!!

          You remember that house. It belonged to an old man named Russell, a known bank robber in the area. Your paths never crossed in a professional sense but word is Russell robbed seven banks before getting caught. None of the money was ever recovered. rumored criminal.

  3. SunKing1 says:

    Heya Jim, really love your work since Zombie Exodus. I have an “important” question for you : Does Sipher gonna be a romanceable option ? That might spare me yet another run-through. I she does though I’m definitely starting over a neutral first part without any romance locked.

    Thank you for your work. Awesome.

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