Update on Part 2, The Fashionable Zombie Slayer, Questions from Social Media

Hello everyone! This week I’m providing my newsletter as a blog post for those of you who prefer to read this on my website. This week, I’ll be sharing info on some upcoming features for ZE: Safe Haven, Part 2. It will be a spoiler-heavy newsletter, so after a general update, I’ll warn you when the spoilers are coming.

Update on Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Part 2

In the past week, I’ve written 9,000 words of new content, which is a way better than an average week. With my schedule, I try to write 1,000 words a day. Part 2 is already 300 words away from 200,000, and I plan to write for three more weeks. Plus, Mia (my contributing writer) sent me an amazing mission to include. Without giving away too many details, you will get to see a scene almost out of the first ZE but done in a more immersive way. No, it’s not the oil rig mission redone—think earlier.

Mia also wrote some scenes just for those with the pet challenge and the dependent. While she handled those sections, I worked on some of the sandbox-esque content. I am excited to show you all of it when Part 2 releases.

Fashion in the Zombie Apocalypse

Starting in Part 2, clothing and accessories will actually have an impact on the game! Based on what outfit/uniform you wear, you will receive a bonus or reduction to certain skills. For example, wearing a ghillie suit will increase Survival and Stealth, while reducing Athletics. Wearing a tailored suit or dress will raise Persuasion, while spiked-and-studded leather gear will raise Intimidation.

In addition, I am considering your profession and background affecting social skills. For example, movie stars will receive a bonus to Persuasion due to their fame.

I am still testing this feature, so things are subject to change/tweaking.

Questions from Social Media – Spoilers ahead

Recently, I asked on Facebook and Twitter for questions about my games. No surprise all were asking about Part 2 of Safe Haven. Here are questions and answers for this week.

Note: minor spoilers ahead.

Will there be any references to the professions other than Part 1’s back story? Asked by @miratheartist

Yes. Some NPCs from the prologue will be referenced or re-introduced. Any prologue NPC has the potential to make it into Parts 2 or 3, if alive (sorry Jonah).

Can we still improve our MC in part 2? Asked by @ArisatoMinato92

Yes, in several ways. Skill improvements will occur like they did between chapters 2 and 3 of Part 1. I will also introduce a training system that allows Attributes and Skills to increase. You can also train other survivors, even your nephew. When Part 2 is closer to release, I’ll reveal more details.

Will there be an encounter between characters from ZE and ZESH ( especially the MC) or maybe a reference? Asked by Nazim on Facebook

You will be in touch with at least one NPC from ZE (and not just Julianne). I’m sure you can figure out who based on references in Part 1.

Next week, I’ll answer a few more questions. Thanks for reading!



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