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This post is dedicated to one topic – Part 2 and its release. For those who do not want to read the entire post, I will tell you the major news first. Part 2 will be delayed again.

I know, you’re tired of hearing this. I know an announcement like this will piss off lots of readers who have patiently waited for a continuation of the story. Well, I have more to add before it is truly ready for release, so I have decided to hold it back until next year. Since I don’t want to keep setting expectations only to fail my readers, all I will say is that, Part 2 is now projected for release in February, 2018.

If you want more details, read on.

Why is This Happening?!

That is a fair question. I realize most of my readers have been waiting for the release, and my expectations were originally to publish Part 2 in September, 2017. However, I have to weigh out many factors when releasing content, and the decision to delay this part is due to quality. I don’t feel Part 2 is ready for release for several major reasons:

  1. It is not long enough for the average user. Most of my readers play 2-3 times only. Any single playthrough of Part 1 is roughly 50,000 words. As it stands right now, Part 2 is only adding 20,000 words more per playthrough. That’s just not enough to warrant your purchase.
  2. There are several large errors that need to be fixed. The worst thing I can do is release a game that breaks or has bugs. If I release this part too early, I risk a support nightmare where people can’t play. That has the additional impact of hurting my credibility.
  3. I want to give more for readers to experience. There are already some really interesting and exciting scenes in Part 2, but I feel it is still lacking. There are twelve romance options that need to be fleshed out. There are stories left hanging, such as SurvNet, the military device, and the Makarovs. I want scientist characters to explore the virus. What makes it tick? Can it be cured? Can it be re-engineered?


Publishing a new part is not just about my time, but involves several other people. Once the files are coded, I provide a review copy to my team of testers. They are all volunteers and need time to go through the game and make sure it’s error-free. When they are finished, I revise the code based on their feedback. That process takes 1-2 weeks.

Next, I send the files to Hosted Games, and one of their copyeditors go through it—all 250,000 words to fix grammar errors and typos. This is a meticulous process that takes 4-5 weeks. After that, the files are sent to a programmer who loads the files into the app and makes it all work with proprietary nuts & bolts  (for example, the save game system, in-app purchase scripts, etc.). This last part takes 2-3 weeks.

Once the app is set to go live, it is submitted to each store: Steam, Apple, and Google Play. Steam and Google are fairly quick to review and publish the new app; Apple takes a lot longer. Still, this takes 1-3 weeks.

So best case scenario is February, 2018 for Part 2.

I am always happy to discuss my games, delays, and the realities of publishing games, so if you questions or comments, feel free to post on my Facebook page, tweet me, or email me.

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