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As you may have heard, ZE: Safe Haven, Part 2 has a tentative release date – March 29, 2018. The files are still being edited, and once that is finished, I will do a day or two of playtesting before sending the game for final production. The new files will then be sent to Apple, Google Play, and Steam. Apple notoriously takes a while to approve the release. All that said, we hope to release it on March 29, but we can’t promise it. Hosted Games is working hard on the release, and once I hear any update, I will share it with my readers.

In this newsletter, I’ll give a preview of Safe Haven Part 2, my Heart’s Choice project, and discuss other projects planned.

Safe Haven Part 2 Preview

Part Two continues your story as you escape Nightfall with your new group of survivors in search of a safe haven. By caravan of cars and truck, your group takes the highway west to find a place to wait out the infection.

You will be able to import saved characters from Part 1 or create a new character and start from Part 2 directly. In addition, a new feature in Part 2 allows you to start off the story with a pre-made character. These pre-made characters are the quickest way to jump into the game. All stats are set, starting equipment is provided, and even a background and history for the character is included.

Part 2 adds chapters 5-7 of the story. In total, this adds 310,000 more words to the 500,000 from Part 1. You’ll read 32,000 words each time you play Part Two alone. Given the number of paths from beginning to end, you’ll want to play numerous times. This is not a game to play once or twice! Like chapters 1-3 in Part 1, there will be open-ended portions in Part 2, allowing you to pick and choose different paths and activities for your characters to take. Given the time limit of each day, there’s only so much you can explore each time you play.

Part 2 allows you to manage your group in numerous ways. You can become leader of the group or let someone else manage. As leader, you can provide tasks for each group member of give them freedom to contribute in their own ways. You may also expand your group up to 20 survivors. They may be trained by you in any of your high-level skills (this includes training your nephew and pet), or you may even be trained by them.

In Part 2, you can seek out a romantic or intimate relationship with 12 characters. This list includes:

  • For teen characters: Bailey, Brody, Jaime, Jillian, Madison, Rachel, Tommy.
  • For adult characters: Bailey, Gina, Jaime, Jillian, Kelly, Lopez, Rachel, Reilly, Tommy, and Woody

These relationships are much deeper than provided in Part 1. In Part 2, you will be get to know these characters, learn about their hopes, needs, and fears, show intimacy, or simply strengthen your bond.

Part 2 also includes an option to create a nonbinary character and also explore asexual and/or aromantic relationships.

My Heart’s Choice Project

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, I have signed on to code a game for Heart’s Choice, a new adult interactive fiction label from Choice of Games. This project, written by my friend David Monster, is called All World Pro Wrestling, and is a male-male romantic story.

This game will not appeal to all of my readers, but I hope those interested in romance and relationships with men will try it out.

Below is a clip of the game’s pitch:

You’ve been accepted as a trainee into the All World Pro Wrestling Federation, the preeminent all-male league. You’ve idolized (and fantasized) about these wrestlers, and now you train among them. From the start, you are enamored and even a bit distracted by your fellow trainees. Are you a big beefy bruiser, a hot-shot jock boy, or a massive bodybuilder who powers his way through matches? Will you socialize with the other trainees or spend your efforts to impress the trainers? When ex-AWPW Champion asks to coach you, will you accept his offer and his influence over your career, use him for his position and fame, or reject him and make it to the top on your own?

We expect to be finished writing and coding this game in the Spring of this year, though no release date has been proposed yet.

Other Projects

I am actively working on my first novel based on the Zombie-Exodus world. Since my goal is only to write 1000-2000 words per week, this project will take a while to complete.

I am in the outline and proposal stage of two other projects:

  • A title for Hosted Games along with Mia, who contributed on Safe Haven Part 2. This is not the zombie game we had originally discussed but a new fantasy-horror story. I can’t share details yet but hope to do so in the next newsletter.
  • A title for Choice of Games. I will be the solo writer and coder of this title, which I recently pitched to Choice of Games for their official label. After Safe Haven Part 2 was finished, I planned to work on collaborations with other writers and my novel. However, Choice of Games approached me to write for them again, based on my success with A Wise Use of Time. This new tittle is a passion project in the modern horror genre. Since this games has not been approved yet, I cannot go in to detail. Hopefully by the next newsletter, I can share info on the project.

So where does that leave Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven? I am excited to say you will not have to wait too long for new content. Once Part 2 is released, I will begin working on new missions and new content to add to Part 2. This will be a free update for all who purchased Part 2. I am hoping to add 40,000 to 50,000 words of content in the patch.

Why am I doing this? Why not just include it in Part 2 now?

There are 3 reasons to add content after release.

  1. My readers have already waited too long for Part 2. If I make them wait any longer, I fear backlash and maybe even brigades with pitchforks and torches outside my window like I’m Dr. Frankenstein.
  2. Readers often feel there’s nothing free anymore. They have to pay for the app and then pay for each new part. I want to give more to my readers. We are pricing Part 2 based on the content at release. When we add new content for Part 2, you will not have to pay more, nor will we raise the price.
  3. This is not a case where I held back content just to release it later. The new content is not written. My beta testers can attest to the fact that the new missions are not in-game yet.
    Once Part 2 releases, I want readers to provide suggestions to me for new options they want to see. I will listen to all feedback and try to work them in to the update.

I am excited to add to the story and will continue to look for new and unique ways to improve my games and the experience for my readers.

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