Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two is Live!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two continues your story as you escape Nightfall with your new group of survivors in search of a safe haven. Continue your story from part one, or skip right to the new chapters with a new character!

With three brand new chapters and another 310,000 words, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is now more than than 900,000 in total! That’s 32,000 words each time you play Part Two alone, and more than 72,000 words for the full game. Given the number of paths from beginning to end, you can have a unique story every time and still never see all there is in Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven!

  • Grow your group to as many as 20 characters, with 12 of them as romantic options.
  • Choose your path to survive. Be a chivalrous savior, a manipulative leader, a murderous raider, or other combinations of styles.
  • Expand your skills, train other survivors, or receive training from them.
  • Become leader of the group or let someone else manage. As leader, provide tasks for each group member or give them freedom to contribute in their own ways.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two may be downloaded as an In-App Purchase on your mobile device or as Dowloadable Content on Steam. It is 25% off until March 29!

With Nightfall in the rear-view mirror, how will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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