Current Game Statuses

Here are the statuses of my current games in development. These are not official but estimates:

  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 (Hosted Games), 2020
  • Vampire Fiction (FableLabs): Episode 4, May, 2019
  • All-World Pro Wrestling (Heart’s Choice), 2019
  • Zombie Exodus: Dead Zone, Part 1 (Hosted Games), 2019

For details on each problem, see below.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3

I am already developing content for Part 3. Supporters on my Patreon are testing an early release. As the group departs the camp on the hill with Eli, they head to his Junkyard, at which point the story unfolds.

Spoilers Below

Arriving at the Junkyard, your group finds a well-protected area with space for everyone, resources for crafting, and access to places to explore and scavenge. Chapter 8 will be a lot of exploration, from surrounding areas, warehouses, a close-by settlement, and of course, the Junkyard itself. I promise to give ample time to players for all of this searching and scavenging while still being able to craft, work on relationships, manage the group, and other activities common in open-world scenes.

A lot of talk in forums and my social media relates to the Silverthorne Militia. Many players believe the Silverthornes will be the main antagonists to the MC’s group. This is not entirely true. The Silverthornes may very well be antagonistic to the main group, especially if Natalie or Wyatt are dead or Benton is dead or kidnapped.  However, the Silverthornes are a group who have specific motivations and numerous members. They will not be a one-dimensional group.

In addition, Part 3 will introduce us to other groups. For those who have played the militia side mission in Parts 1 or 2, you know of the New Army. At least three other groups will be introduced, each with their own goals and personalities. Allegiances will be tested in your group. Members may leave and join other groups. You may steal members of other groups. Trade, wars, and diplomacy may occur. This new avenue of gameplay will add a huge element to Safe Haven, and both leaders and non-leaders will have ways to influence the story.

You can also expect:

  • New characters.
  • New weapons, gear, consumables, and clothing/uniforms.
  • New romantic options, including new teen options.
  • Lots of additional crafting recipes.
  • Improve your vehicles with weapons and armor.
  • Build up your Safe Haven! Add new defenses, repurpose buildings, and even craft structures.
  • More chances to raise skills naturally and through training. Also, I will be exploring new ways to use Attributes (Dexterity, Intelligence, etc.) instead of relying mostly on Skills.

My goal is to release Part 3 in 2020, but given the size and scope, I may have to revise my schedule or break Part 3 up and go to a Part 4.

Vampire Fiction

This game is a passion project of mine. Vampire Fiction is currently available to play for iOS in the Tales app. Here’s the summary of the game:

As a newly created vampire, you are born into a life of mystery. Just after rising for the first time, your Sire dies. How will you learn to survive? What are these dark powers you now possess? The city is yours to explore and when you discover others of your kind, will you embrace them as siblings or challenge their way of afterlife?

Having recently awoken, you must feed on the blood of mortals. As you hunt for your first meal, you learn of vampiric powers at your disposal.

  • Darkness: create and wield manifestations of darkness, like creating clouds of darkness in which to hide or enshrouding an enemy to drain their lifeforce.
  • Dominion: a form of mind control to seduce, trick others, or force them to do your will.
  • Perception: heightened senses and the ability to perceive outside the scope of normal human ability.
  • Savagery: grow fangs and teeth to deliver more powerful attacks.
  • Shapeshifting: changing one’s body into animal forms, or at higher levels of power, into mist.
  • Weather control: from rolling in fog, to summoning rain, or even more violent weather.

Using any of these powers costs blood. If you use a primary power, the cost is minimal. While restoring blood is fairly easy (there’s a city full of people), allowing your reserves of blood to go too low may leave you severely weak or have other unpredictable side effects. Staying well-fed will be a main goal always.

As with all of my games, you will be introduced to a number of dynamic characters and even romantic options. The city will provide opportunities to make friends or enemies with mortals and vampires alike.

Zombie Exodus: Dead Zone

I am developing this game with Ethan Underhill, who is taking the lead with writing the story. Ethan finished the prologue this month and has submitted new mechanics for coding, such as new weapons and armor. My plan is to start coding it all in October.

Set five years after the apocalypse, Zombie Exodus: Dead Zone sees your character surviving the harsh wilderness of Oregon as you search for a new place to call home. Discover the shattered world that remains, crawling with infected zombies, bandits, disease, all-new challenges that will push survivors to their limits, and the mysterious dead zones: large swathes of land devoid of zombies but teeming with new infected life. Craft, scavenge, and fight your way to a rumored society springing from the ashes of civilization, where you can make new allies, deal with new foes, discover the secrets of the apocalypse, become a scavenger, rise to leadership, start a rebellion, defect to new groups, and most importantly…survive.

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