About the Author

My name is Jim Dattilo, and instead of a typical bio, here are ten things about me.

  1. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my wife, Vicki, and dog, a pit bull named Cody.
  2. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a type of Muscular Dystrophy. It’s similar to ALS in symptoms but not progression.
  3. I work in clinical research at the University of Pennsylvania since 1999. Before that I worked for About.com as the guide to Computer Simulation Games, and before that I volunteered as a research coordinator at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  4. I currently run a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 campaign, set in Dragonlance for four of my childhood friends. We also play Vampire: The Masquerade when we really want to roleplay. It seems we don’t like to graduate to more current games, but we feel comfortable with the rules and see no reason to abandon our worn-out Player’s Guides and Monster Manuals.
  5. I have loved the zombie genre since my older sister made me watch George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead when I was a teenager. As an adult, The Walking Dead rekindled that interest in the world of zombies.
  6. I love coffee but not coffee shops. I have an entire cabinet dedicated to Keurig k-cups, not because I can drink it all, but I like to have a wide variety of flavors for friends and family. It’s like how people stock bars with all kinds of liquor. We also have a well-stocked bar but barely drink.
  7. Favorite author: Stephen King. Favorite filmmaker: Quentin Tarantino. Favorite TV show: Highlander (which led to a special achievement in my game, A Wise Use of Time)
  8. I produced a documentary with Reel9Productions called The Way to Kevin which was screened during QFest in Philadelphia in 2013 at Ritz East Theater. Having a film I helped make shown at an actual movie theater fulfilled one of my life’s dreams.
  9. After reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid, I always wanted to write interactive fiction. When I read Choice of the Vampire and learned that Hosted Games will publish games built in Choicescript, I immediately began writing Zombie Exodus.
  10. I am working on a book series (non-interactive) based on the story in Zombie Exodus. Since I am writing the follow-up game to ZE, my book project is slow-going.

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