• 1.General
  • Do you work for Choice of Games?

    No, I am in independent contractor. Choice of Games developed Choicescript, the language used to program the game. Also, they create the apps used by the games I write, handle posting the apps on the app stores and merchants, and handle some technical aspects.

    The majority of the work is done by me, Jim Dattilo, who writes, codes, and edits the game.

  • What other games are you working on?

    I am adding to Part 2 of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. I am also working on a title for the new Heart's Choice label.

  • I purchased the app but can't access the content!

    If you purchased extra content and can't access it (or it tells you to purchase it again), here's how to fix it.

    1. Delete the app from your device.
    2. Download it again and re-install it.
    3. Open the app.
    4. Click Upgrade from the home menu.
    5. Scroll down and click Restore Purchases.

    If you purchased extra content, it will now be restored and accessible.

  • How do I make a multiple-choice game/learn to code?

    Learning to code is not difficult but as with anything, developing a text game requires a lot of time and effort. I recommend the Choice of Games forums, specifically this category.

    If you do want to write a game, you can also find people on the forums willing to test and give feedback & guidance.

  • 2.Zombie Exodus
  • What is Zombie Exodus?

    Zombie Exodus is a work of interactive fiction in which you are the main character of the story. By selecting choices during the story, you shape the plot, mold your character, and affect relationships with other characters.

    The story of Zombie Exodus involves survival during the initial outbreak of the Zombie Apocalypse. You must find your sister and determine a course out of the city. Along the way, you meet other survivors, some good, some bad. Your choices impact everything along the way.

  • So it's just text? Where's the sounds and graphics?

    Zombie Exodus is first and foremost a novel. Though it's interactive and sometimes plays like a game, Zombie Exodus is largely text-based and was developed to utilize the reader's imagination instead of images or sound files.

  • How long is Zombie Exodus?

    Zombie Exodus is roughly 750,000 words of code and story. One read-through of the story from beginning to end for all five parts is roughly 180,000 words. However, the game has many paths to explore, so most players read through several times for different experiences.

    One read-through takes 6-10 hours for most people.

  • How many parts are there?

    There are five parts.

    • Part I: Escape - free
    • Part II: Exodus - free
    • Part III: Cathedral - US $1.99
    • Part IV: Survival - US $1.99
    • Part V: Resolution - US $1.99
  • If the app is free, why do I have to pay for parts 3-5?

    Originally, the entire app was supported by advertising. However, the revenue from advertising dropped considerably around the time the app was first released in December, 2011. The companies my publisher used for adveritising either dropped their prices or stopped advertising, so we made a decision to charge for additional parts.

    Parts III, IV, and V are each 200,000 words and cost US $1.99. Since each part took months of work to write, code, and test, we felt two dollars was a fair price for the work involved. Of this $2, the app stores take a percentage for the transaction, and my publisher does as well.

  • 3.Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • What is Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven?

    Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, a companion series to Zombie Exodus, set in the same world but in a different area of the USA with all new characters.

  • Is there a demo?

    Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven may be downloaded for free from Steam, the Apple App store, and Google Play. You can play the prologue for free. There is a cost for chapters 1-4 (Part 1) and chapters 5-7 (Part 2).

  • When will the game be released?

    Parts 1  and 2 are available now. Part 1 may be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play, Steam, and Amazon. Part 2 may be activated from within the app, or purchased as DLC on Steam.

  • How do I unlock character-plus modes?

    There are two ways to unlock character-plus modes.

    1. You need to own the full Zombie Exodus game and save at Part 5. Then enter the email address from that save into Safe Haven. This gives 25 Skill Points.
    2. Buy the 25 Skill Point pack.

    If you unlock both of the above, you can create characters with an extra 50 Skill Points.

  • How many Parts are planned?

    Currently Part 3 is planned. It is unclear how much it will cost or when it will be released. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

  • Can you change the game so I can pick the gender of my dependent?

    I chose a fixed gender for the dependent, so he can have a unique personality and also for ease of coding.

  • Why did my favorite character did? [SPOILERS]

    Caution, this answer contains spoilers for Part 2.

    Many readers are upset about the scripted deaths of several characters, namely Sifer and Nathan.

    Both characters were created as prizes of a charity auction. The winner of each auction won the prize of creating a character and choosing their death. Therefore, these characters had to die in a way designated by the auction winners.

  • 4.A Wise Use of Time
  • What is A Wise Use of Time?

    In this story, you develop the power to stop time. When this occurs, the world stops moving and time stands still, but you are unaffected and may move around and interact with people and objects. The story focuses on how you choose to use your ability, from being a hero and saving people to using it to steal or for other immoral acts. Of course, every action has a consequence.

  • Is there a demo?

    You can play the first three chapters of the game for free at Choice of Games.

  • When will the game be released?

    A Wise Use of Time is out now for Apple devices, Android devices, or through Steam.

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