Part 3 Walkthrough – Here is a mission-by-mission walkthrough for Part III. It does not cover scenes between missions which are mostly informative, provide character development opportunities, and social interaction with other survivors.

Click on the link to the specific mission:

Part 4 Walkthrough – This walkthrough provides details on each phase of Part IV: Survival and contains many spoilers. You may wish to play through it first before using this walkthrough.

Each chapter is described with the best options to reach goals to increase your chance at survival, improve your character, and find other survivors.

7 Responses to Guides/Articles

  1. Patrick says:

    Hi big fan love your work really excited for part 5 but is there any way I can subscribe for a newsletter or something

  2. Cheska says:

    Hey jim! I really, really enjoyed all of Zombie Exodus and just finished Part 5. I was just wondering if you were going to publish a walk through for it? I’m extremely curious if I could save certain people but I don’t exactly want to explore every single possible option to find out. Anyway, great work again, and can’t wait for Safe Haven!

  3. TheWickedOne says:

    umm how do i save my game i saved once then forgot how to save

  4. myminime 26 says:

    Is there a more descriptive version of the endings, like for each character and relationship? I’ve played the game several times in a attempt to find a “good” ending with Heather. I’m not sure if there is just one ending for her or if I’m just doing something extremely wrong.

  5. SageMik says:

    Is there a guide that tells you bonuses received when making choices during character creation?

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