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Support my work on PatreonOver the last year of writing, I have had a number of people ask for ways to show me support in my writing. Last night, I launched a Patreon account.

Patreon provides a way for my readers to make a pledge to support my efforts to write games and stories while receiving something in return. If you are interested, please visit my Patreon page for lots of details on how you can take part in developing games like Zombie Exodus and more.


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Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two is Live!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two continues your story as you escape Nightfall with your new group of survivors in search of a safe haven. Continue your story from part one, or skip right to the new chapters with a new character!

With three brand new chapters and another 310,000 words, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is now more than than 900,000 in total! That’s 32,000 words each time you play Part Two alone, and more than 72,000 words for the full game. Given the number of paths from beginning to end, you can have a unique story every time and still never see all there is in Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven!

  • Grow your group to as many as 20 characters, with 12 of them as romantic options.
  • Choose your path to survive. Be a chivalrous savior, a manipulative leader, a murderous raider, or other combinations of styles.
  • Expand your skills, train other survivors, or receive training from them.
  • Become leader of the group or let someone else manage. As leader, provide tasks for each group member or give them freedom to contribute in their own ways.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Two may be downloaded as an In-App Purchase on your mobile device or as Dowloadable Content on Steam. It is 25% off until March 29!

With Nightfall in the rear-view mirror, how will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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Part 2 Preview, Other Projects

As you may have heard, ZE: Safe Haven, Part 2 has a tentative release date – March 29, 2018. The files are still being edited, and once that is finished, I will do a day or two of playtesting before sending the game for final production. The new files will then be sent to Apple, Google Play, and Steam. Apple notoriously takes a while to approve the release. All that said, we hope to release it on March 29, but we can’t promise it. Hosted Games is working hard on the release, and once I hear any update, I will share it with my readers.

In this newsletter, I’ll give a preview of Safe Haven Part 2, my Heart’s Choice project, and discuss other projects planned. Continue reading

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Writing Plans for this Year, ZE Novel, and the Future of Safe Haven

For those of you still asking about Safe Haven Part 2, the files are with copyediting. Since the game is over 310,000 words, it will take a significant amount of time for the editor to go through it all. After copyediting, the game goes into the queue for updating. I believe in full disclosure, so once I hear from my editor, I will let everyone know.

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Part 2 Completion, Future Projects, How to Make a Game

Happy New Year!  A lot of time has passed since my last newsletter. I apologize for the lack of updates, but since the last newsletter in early November, I’ve added roughly 40,000 words to Safe Haven Part 2. I’ll get into that more below. As my due date draws near for finishing Part 2, I am already planning new projects and will discuss those too. Finally, I’ll talk about how you can write games like I do.

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Part 2 News

This post is dedicated to one topic – Part 2 and its release. For those who do not want to read the entire post, I will tell you the major news first. Part 2 will be delayed again.

I know, you’re tired of hearing this. I know an announcement like this will piss off lots of readers who have patiently waited for a continuation of the story. Well, I have more to add before it is truly ready for release, so I have decided to hold it back until next year. Since I don’t want to keep setting expectations only to fail my readers, all I will say is that, Part 2 is now projected for release in February, 2018.

If you want more details, read on.

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Survivors in your group, Building a Safe Haven, Character customizations

Hello everyone! This week I chose a few questions from social media to answer. Instead of giving short responses, I will cover these larger topics in greater detail.

Questions from Social Media

Here are answers to questions from Facebook and Twitter for this week.

Will there be more survivors that can join your group? Asked by Jeremy Nadeau on Facebook

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Update on Part 2, The Fashionable Zombie Slayer, Questions from Social Media

Hello everyone! This week I’m providing my newsletter as a blog post for those of you who prefer to read this on my website. This week, I’ll be sharing info on some upcoming features for ZE: Safe Haven, Part 2. It will be a spoiler-heavy newsletter, so after a general update, I’ll warn you when the spoilers are coming.

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The Status of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 2

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven was released at the end of October, 2016, and my prediction for releasing Part 2 was summer of 2017. My early plan was to finish 150,000 words of content by August and release the downloadable chapters in September. As July drew to a close, I increased my projection to finishing in October for a November release. My new (and hopefully final) estimate is to finish Part 2 by mid-November and see it live conservatively by the end of the year for under $3.

If you came here to find out when Part 2 is releasing, now you know. If you want to know why, read on.

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Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is out now!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven cover art

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven cover art

Zombies rise again at the dawn of Apocalypse! Can you survive the first few days of the zombie outbreak as the dead rise, society collapses, and the living struggle to survive?

“Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven” is a thrilling interactive survival-horror novel by Jim Dattilo, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without animation or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Customize a character using a variety of professions, backgrounds, special challenges, and skills to survive in a brutal and chaotic city as the Zeta virus spreads. Will you be an honorable soldier, searching through neighborhoods to aid survivors? Or will you be a ruthless bandit who loots and robs others for needed supplies? How about a paranoid hacker, psychopathic con artist, pragmatic scientist, or idealistic teenager? Dozens of options allow you to play the character of your choice.

Set in the “Zombie Exodus” world, the first part of “Safe Haven” focuses on the first few days of a viral outbreak which changes the infected into mindless zombies. Explore the changes to society at the start of the pandemic. Board your house, gather supplies, meet over a dozen other characters, and survive encounters with the living dead and even other survivors. Scavenge numerous locations, craft items, and use a variety of skills to survive the many challenges of the apocalypse.

Play it through any browser on Choice of Games or download on Steam, Google Play (Android), iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad), and Amazon (Android).

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