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Zombie Exodus, interactive horror fiction app, released for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

PHILADELPHIA, December 7, 2011: Jim Dattilo and Choice of Games are pleased to announce the release of Zombie Exodus, a text-based zombie game for mobile devices. Build your character and fight your way out of a zombie-filled city to save your sister in this interactive horror fiction story. Gather supplies and weapons while avoiding the military, bandits, and living dead. Your choices alone control the story. Can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

In the classic style of text adventures which allow you to choose paths for your character, Zombie Exodus is an original story written and coded in ChoiceScript, created by Dan Fabulich of Choice of Games. It is a first person point-of-view story in which the plot progresses based on the user’s choices. The first release of Zombie Exodus consists of two parts and eight chapters, while future parts in the series will be released on a quarterly basis.

“I grew up reading interactive fiction and hosting roleplaying games with friends,” said Jim Dattilo, author of Zombie Exodus. “I created this game with a goal to give readers many choices to explore and to have them experience the terror and intensity of day 1 of an apocalypse. With the popularity of zombies exploding in recent years, I also wanted to bring back the horror and suspense of the genre with unique characters and a plot-driven story.”

Choice of Games is offering the app for free, supported by advertising, or ad-free for $1.99 through in-app purchasing. The full version is also available on their Web site for free without advertising.

About Jim Dattilo

Jim Dattilo is a lifelong horror fiction and roleplaying game enthusiast. This is his first work of multiple-choice fiction. He is also co-founder of Philadelphia-based Reel 9 Productions, a media services group. Professionally, Jim is a Data Analyst, working at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

About Choice of Games

Choice of Games was founded by Dan Fabulich and Adam Strong-Morse in 2009. They produce text-based interactive novels for mobile platforms and the web, combining the delicious freedom of the 1980s’ choose-your-own-adventure style books with the depth and scope of a bestselling novel.

63 Responses to Press Release

  1. nicole says:

    i really just wanna know when the secone one is coming out cus’ i luv the first one iv played it 10 time nonstop and still luv it, im aually woking on playing it once more. so plz have the nxt one out soon!

  2. jimd says:

    Hi Nicole,

    The next Part should be out in March, 2012. Thanks for playing!


  3. Sam says:

    Hey Jim, I wanted to get a word out, you allow being a girl, but you don’t let strictly straight relationships, it just kind of confuses me, because whether your a girl or guy should allow special dialogue or something, if there is, I haven’t noticed, and just simply tell me to keep looking, other wise, please add that in a new update please!!!

    • jimd says:

      Hi Sam,

      Being a female provides subtle differences but there are not huge changes in dialogue or choices. I didn’t want gender to have a major impact. In general, I believe in equality of choices, and left differences in gameplay to professions and stats other than gender.

      That being said, in Part 4, there will be some extra relationship choices based on gender.


  4. Sam says:

    Awesome, I just thought it would be better only to make the game a lot more replayable, but besides that, the game is amazing! Love it

  5. Sam says:

    By the way, very curious, what’s your best estimate to part 4’s release date?

    • jimd says:

      I am hoping for end of summer, 2012. It’s hard to say since I write, edit, test, and re-edit everything. I will be putting out sections for beta testing and notify of links to those chapters through Twitter and Facebook. I’ll be posting a beta chapter in the next 2-3 weeks.

  6. Kyle says:

    Hey just thought this might be a good place to ask, in the fuel run, is it possible to go past the limit you need to beat it in, and take the helicopter that is on the first ship?

    • jimd says:

      Hi Kyle,
      I didn’t include an option to take the helicopter though it’s an interesting idea for a future update. I can’t guarantee I’ll add it, but I’ll definitely consider it.



  7. Kyle says:

    I was just wondering why he helicopter would be there, plus, to help you get the idea of having fuel when they fly with the helicopter, they could use a rope with hook to attatch a large canister to the bottom of it, and they could use that to fly off with everything they want, plus a BONUS HELICOPTER

    • Sam says:

      Sorry to butt in, but maybe as a little down fall, the bridge might be able to break. Or you might not be aloud as much, or maybe even a zombie siege when you get back because the helicopter is so loud that it attracted a rampage of Zombies

      • Kyle says:

        No it’s fine, good ideas! And when you get back the relations of Tom could degrade from the siege, and other characters could be ecstatic from your return, (or if your not the friendly character) everyone’s happy about the fuel, but they constantly check you over in case your a zombie, because frankly, they don’t like you.

    • jimd says:

      The helicopter was there to add to the setting and atmosphere, and also because most vessels of that type may only be accessed through a helicopter under normal circumstances.

      Flying a helicopter also takes a good deal of skill, which most people don’t have. I could make it possible via high skill checks and adding in maybe flight manuals you can find or other items, but including a helicopter (while cool) would require a lot of coding (believe it or not).

      I do like the idea, and it’s very possible I’ll add it in after Part 4.

      • Sam says:

        You could have the soldier able to fly the helicopter because of some training and knows basic flying, and have a manual in a compartment and all that. Btw, I’ve been wanting to ask a long time, I’m a beginner writer, and wanted to ask permission to write my first book with the same idea as you Zombie Exodus, because I just absolutely love it. Of course I’d use it recognizably different, but still in a small way the same. Is that fine?

        • jimd says:

          Sure, feel free to write what you’d like. The story is copyrighted though, so please make sure the details, characters, etc. are different so my publisher.

          However, if you write and publish fan fiction to the Internet, you can use whatever you like as long as it clearly states “Fan Fiction” and includes a link to this site.

          Of course, I’d be interested in reading it, too, so let me know when you have it ready.

          • Sam says:

            Of course, I’m excited to get started. Thanks for the heads up of the fan fiction! I’ll use that since its my first book I’m writing

  8. Sam says:

    if you give me your e-mail i can send you my non-edited version, and you can help give ideas and fix it up to be an awesome read!

  9. jimd says:

    Sam, the email is zombie(at)

    Just change (at) to the @ sign.

  10. VK says:

    i gotta say i realy enjoyed this game all the way till the end of chapter 3.
    i was so wrapped up in this game with the choices to make i even didnt mind paying the $.
    just hope you come out with the next part soon cant wait

  11. Sexy Dave says:

    I just want to thank you for creating such an awesome game. I’m spreading the word about your game, telling people how much I enjoyed it. I just wish you could save it at least halfway through. I lost count of how many times I died going for fuel. But it did get me to experiment with different choices. Anyway, I’ll looking forward to part 4. I’ll definitely buy it when it comes out. Thanks again

    • jimd says:

      The deaths can be frustrating, and with the new update coming soon, I am adding checkpoint saves before each mission. I am glad you experimented with different choices though. Reading the game once through may make people miss a lot of entertaining parts. Thanks for your support!

  12. Liam says:

    LOVE. THIS. GAME. Can’t wait till part 4 comes out. Just as a question, when will you be updating the beta release? I’m extremely addicted and I’ll definately be telling everyone I know.

  13. jimd says:

    I’ll be updating the beta this weekend, but it will mostly be to fix errors and add some choices people asked for (like saving Jason).

  14. kyle says:

    Where do i get the beta release?

  15. Sam says:

    YOU LITTLE DEVIL! Why leave us with such a huge cliff hanger! Ugh it’s in bearable!!

  16. Kyle says:

    The pictures are a very nice touch, I hope to see more of them 😛 they make the interations more interresting.

  17. Isaac Johnson says:

    When is Part 4 going to be released?!

  18. Wendy says:

    Hey Jim,
    I just wanted to say being a girl playing this game, I agree with the previous comment about relationship choices. I replayed it several times to try for a different outcome, and was left with females hitting on me. Just not my choice pick for a partner. I was so glad to hear there will be other possibilities in the 4th part. Aside from that issue and the one that you will be clearing up with the added checkpoint saves…I am totally impressed with this game! Keep up the exceptional work! I think this is the best of all the choice games and had a lot of fun with it!
    Icompletely think this is the best of the choice games Can’t wait fo it to come out!

    • Wendy says:

      Sorry about the last line of my post…completely disregard iy please. That’s what happens when you go back to edit yourself and can’t see what your typing in the box cause your so longwinded. 🙂

  19. Arash says:

    Jim i just wanted to say that this interactive fiction rocks and i really, really loved it, even that english is my second language and i’m not good at it.
    i cannot wait for the fourth part…. i’m eagerly waiting for it…. you don’t know how much i loved this story.

  20. Amanda says:

    i really loved parts one through 3 and i can’t wait for chapter 4! i’m a little curious, how old is Emma?

  21. Amanda says:

    so i was looking up a bunch of Zombie Exodus and i found a something “beta test”. what’s that?

    • jimd says:

      If you play the game through this site, I post beta tests of chapters I am writing that will be included in Part 4. This testing helps me to fix and edit the game, and I think letting current readers help makes the most sense. If you’d like to be notified of the tests, sign up on Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to emails on this site.
      Beta test

  22. Josh says:

    I started reading these earlier today and have not stopped lol these are so good! I’m a fan of lots of zombie related games, programmes etc. and I usually hate reading but these really excite me, I got nervous when my person was in danger as if it was myself haha. I thought i might be able to give you a few ideas you could think about using. I think it would be cool if after you die you can get like one more page explaining how the group copes without you and their reactions and stuff and how long till they die. I think maybe if you have 2 important characters in the group really not like each other,and you have to either take sides or you can sort them out- I think that would be awesome!
    Just wandering what happens if you go with the group outside of the supermarket with the zombie cheerleaders? I didn’t die once so i didn’t have a chance to go back and try that out.
    Please don’t take to long to get the 4th part out as I am dying to read it! Keep up the amazing work mate, sorry for the essay just love your work man 🙂

  23. Amanda says:

    How many chapters are there?

  24. jimd says:

    Josh — Glad you are enjoying the game. Great suggestions. In Part 4, I wrote a chapter in which you take sides when two members of the group fight. So, at least one of your suggestions is being implemented. As far as the bandits outside the supermarket, if you go with the bandits, it leads to an ending. Part 4 should be out in October. Hope you enjoy it.

    Amanda — there will be 5 parts. So far, Part 4 has four chapters, but I am still writing it. Thanks!

  25. Andrea says:

    Amazing game!!!!! I am anxiously waiting for the game to be finished!! I started the game and have yet to die once so I want to play it as far as I can before I start it over but I look forward to playing through the different scenarios!!! Truly outstanding job!!!

  26. Xavier says:

    Hey. um will ZE ever be available for e ink kindles? I personally would pay any price.

  27. Amanda says:

    OMG! i loved part 4! i just got it and finished it today, literally seconds ago. i can’t wait for the next part! please hurry. on the other hand, i”ll be sad when it’s over. is part 5 really the last one?

    • jimd says:

      Thanks, Amanda. Part V is the last but I will most likely work on Zombie Exodus 2 right after the first one ends.

      • Amanda says:

        Really? that’d be so awesome! so when do you expect Part V to be done? I know it’ll probably be a while but do you have a date set?

        • jimd says:

          Part V will most likely be done in June, 2013. I am getting married in April so wedding prep will take some time.

          I am going to post an open beta of Part V starting next weekend, so if you would like to play it, check back on my site to find out how.

  28. Kiffe says:

    Why can’t i play part IV on

  29. Kiffe says:

    Oh, I wish I could buy part IV but it just isn’t avaliable in my country(Brazil). Would you mind helping me out with that? It’s really annoying that I want to play the game so much but i just can’t.

  30. Pedro says:

    When will part IV be posted for free online?

  31. Denzel says:

    Hey there, I just wanna know when the rest of Part 5 will come out. Thanks for this awesome game. 🙂

  32. Hikaru says:

    When will the last part be out?i’m dying to read it XD an exact date would be nice 🙂
    I’m a huge fan of your work Jim 🙂

    • jimd says:

      It’s pushed back to July. I am working hard on it, every day literally, but need to add a lot of content to finish the game. I hope it’s worth the wait!

      • Hikaru says:

        Bring us something amazing ^_^
        Not that I expect anything lass from u but I wish it goes beyond what I expected it XD
        Best of luck Jim 🙂 and thanks for replying our feedback 🙂 u’re the greatest writer of all time ^.^

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