Short Stories

Zombie Exodus Novel Prologue – Introduction to my upcoming novel based on the original Zombie Exodus game.

Finn (original story) – This story follows Finn directly after the events surrounding the death of Layla in chapter 5 of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven.

Lopez, Ride Along – This story takes place after Lopez, the injured soldier, shows up in chapter 1 of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. It details his confrontation with White, Croston, and Cowboy.

Madison and Brody, After POOL PARTY SNOW-A-PALOOZA – This story occurs after the main character leaves the pool party in the prologue of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 1, and follows the events of Madison’s and Brody’s survival.

Madison and Brody, The Road to Chipper Ridge is Paved with Good Intentions – Follow the Milford Twins after they leave their home and venture to Chipper Ridge High School.

Tommy – So, What Now Tommy Monroe? – After tragedy strikes, Tommy goes to a place he hasn’t visited since childhood and meets someone from his past.

Reilly and Nora, Into the Fire – ever wonder how Reilly and Nora came to be outside the main characters home in chapter 4 of Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven? This short story reveals a bit of their backstory.

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