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Zombie Exodus Part III Walkthrough

Here is a mission-by-mission walkthrough for Part III. It does not cover scenes between missions which are mostly informative, provide character development opportunities, and social interaction with other survivors. This walkthrough uses the following character profile: name Mark surname Miller … Continue reading

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Zombie Exodus Part 3: Fuel Mission Walkthrough

Fuel Mission The hardest mission so far in the game is finally here! Playing as a soldier makes this mission easier, but this walkthrough shows the steps for a scientist or other “civilian” player. The mission is timed, so you … Continue reading

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Zombie Exodus Part III: Supply Depot Walkthrough

Supply Run The start of the mission presents you with supply selection. Overall, this is not a dangerous mission, so selecting items is largely preference. The only recommended item is night vision goggles, as it allows you to see in … Continue reading

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Zombie Exodus Part III: Medicine Run Walkthrough

Medicine Run Prior to starting the mission, you must select weapons and equipment to take. With only a strength of 10, you need to consider weight carefully since you can only carry a max of 25. The trick is to … Continue reading

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Review: ZDay Survival Simulator

ZDay Survival Simulator is an iPhone and iPad app by Mongadillo Studies, Inc., which tests your decision-making ability in the face of a zombie virus outbreak. It is a graphics-based, choose-your-own-adventure game that presents choices that score your survivability during … Continue reading

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